3 Links I Love: Mitsubishi Targets the US, A Successful A380, Iceland’s Wow Pain

This week’s featured link:

Mitsubishi to turn MRJ into cheaper, smaller ‘Space Jet’Nikkei Asian Review
It is going to be really interesting to watch what happens in the regional jet space in the US. Bombardier has basically given up while Embraer has focused its development efforts on the E2 which is too heavy to be flown by US regionals (per their agreements with the big three). So who will step in to fill the void? Mitsubishi’s MRJ is an airplane I figured would be dead on arrival, but the pivot to make it attractive to the US market creates a real opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about these plans in June.

Image of the Week: I took this photo in Boston back in 2015. Though the interiors are still not all done, the last Virgin America airplane went in for paint this week. That means they’re all in Alaska colors now, so the Virgin America red is gone.

Two for the road:

A380 was success for Airbus, says new CEOLeeham News and Analysis
Now THAT is some impressive spin.

Wow Air Collapse Decimates Iceland’s EconomyBloomberg
Air travel matters to an economy, and Iceland is taking quite the hit. Iceland is unique enough that I wonder if there is a case for government funding to keep numbers up. It rarely if ever makes sense, but this should become a fascinating case study once the market levels out and it can be fairly evaluated.

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