Alaska Cruises breathtaking surroundings for your getaways.


Alaska Cruises breathtaking surroundings for your getaways.

Alaska cruises expose you to some of the most beautiful, natural beauty you’ll ever see on your vacations. Choosing from amongst the numerous Alaska cruises will be simple and fun; making your getaways an amazing and rewarding experience.

Deciding which of numerous Alaska cruises is best for your getaways. Another factor to consider to keep in mind for Alaska cruises and getaways is which direction on the ship you ‘d like your cabin to face. Inside cabins are less costly while outdoors dealing with cabins offer the convenience of stepping onto your veranda and seeing the numerous superb sights.

Many times your cruise ship will pass by a stunningly close to an immense block of ice; you’ll desire to see it up close.


Cruise lines

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Air Travel around the globe and let your cares fall by the wayside as you take terrific trips.

air travel

Air Travel around the globe and let your cares fall by the wayside as you take terrific trips.

Air Travel and holidays, to get on an airplane and go somewhere, can be among life’s most satisfying experiences. It’s so exciting to consider a unique or relaxing destination, for no other reason than to just escape. Half the fun of air travel and trips, or any journey for that matter, is the anticipation of waiting for the day of departure to arrive.

You get a good, warm feeling knowing that your air travel holiday is just around the corner. In some cases simply knowing that your going on a getaway is all it takes to brighten your day. Find the best flight offers on the internet for your next holiday. It is now possible to discover wonderful air travel deals and vacations right from your own house because of the power of the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for cruises, cheap airline company tickets or Las Vegas vacations, you’ll discover them all on the internet.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Reserve A Room At A Hawaiian Beach Rental


6 Reasons Why You Should Reserve A Room At A Hawaiian Beach Rental

Are you interested in vacationing in Hawaii? You will want to take the time to take a look at Hawaii beach accommodations if you are. Hawaii beach accommodations come extremely rated and advised. Even with hearing that vacationing along the beach is suggested, you might be searching for more evidence. For your benefit, six reasons that you need to you should offer beach plans a close look for your next Hawaii trip are described below.

1– Your Options Did you know that Hawaii beach accommodations come in a number of various formats? You can reserve at stay at a beachfront vacation resort, a Hawaii beachfront cottage, a beachfront vacation house, a beachfront holiday rental property, a beachfront condominium leasing, and a beachfront apartment or condo leasing.

2– The Ocean View As you most likely currently understand, Hawaii beach rentals supply you with a front-row seat of the ocean. This view is definitely awesome. It is an experience that you will likely never forget. Many tourists come to Hawaii just for the beautiful beaches. If you are among those vacationers, how would you feel awakening to that beauty each and every day? As previously specified, it is an experience that you will likely always remember.

3– Affordable For What You Receive For of part, you will discover that Hawaii beachfront rentals are more than affordable for what you get. This is just another among the lots of reasons why you must provide Hawaii beach rentals a close appearance. Yes, you will discover some Hawaii beachfront leasings, like a Hawaii beach home, that is out of your cost range, however with a bit of research study, you ought to have the ability to find inexpensive accommodations. In keeping with the cost of Hawaii beach accommodations, it is likewise essential to bear in mind what you are receiving. Numerous say that the expense of a Hawaii beach house or another beachfront leasing is more than worth it. This is especially true for those who are going to Hawaii for the first time.

4– A Great Experience for Everyone Hawaii beach accommodations make for a fantastic experience for everybody. Hawaii beachfront rentals are best for romantic vacations. With that in mind, it is likewise crucial to discuss that Hawaii beachfront leasings, like Hawaii beach homes, are best for family trips.

5– Conveniently Located to the Beach If you are interested in investing your Hawaii trip getting involved in beach associated activities, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing, or surfing, you may enjoy the convenience of Hawaii beach accommodations. When you lease a Hawaii beachfront house or another beachfront rental, you may find yourself taking a trip less to your destination.

6– Great for Pictures When on your next Hawaii trip, there is a good opportunity that you will bring a video camera or even a camcorder with you. Hawaii and its beaches are image best. The above-mentioned factors are simply a few of the numerous reasons that you need to at least consider remaining along the beach for your next Hawaii trip. As a tip, Hawaii beach lodgings come in a number of various formats, including Hawaii beachfront houses. Hawaii is filled with beach rentals; therefore, no matter which Hawaiian Island you select to visit, you should be able to find a leasing that is best for your vacation requires.

You can schedule at stay at a beachfront holiday resort, a Hawaii beachfront cottage, a beachfront getaway home, a beachfront getaway villa, a beachfront apartment leasing, and a beachfront apartment leasing. Yes, you will find some Hawaii beachfront rentals, like a Hawaii beach house, that is out of your cost variety, but with a little bit of research study, you ought to be able to discover inexpensive lodgings.

With that in mind, it is also important to point out that Hawaii beachfront rentals, like Hawaii beach homes, are best for family vacations. If you are interested in spending your Hawaii getaway getting involved in beach associated activities, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing, or browsing, you might enjoy the convenience of Hawaii beach lodgings. As a suggestion, Hawaii beach accommodations come in a number of various formats, including Hawaii beachfront homes.


Hawaii beach

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5 Success Tips For Coastal Vacations Reps

brand-new technologies
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5 Success Tips For Coastal Vacations Reps.

So you are thinking about ending up being a Coastal Vacations Rep or have actually simply signed up as a rep. Maybe you have already remained in Coastal Vacations for a while and have had moderate success.

Below are 5 pointers that will assist you to be effective with Coastal Vacations. Even if you are already effective, you can be much more so by following the tips you have actually not already executed. 1. Sign up with someone who is really effective and emulate them.

Do some inspecting to make sure the individual you are thinking about signing up with is truly effective if you have not already signed up. If that person isn’t, ask around about somebody who is. You want a coach who is going to provide you the best suggestions on how to recruit other representatives and sell the item. This is perhaps one of, if not the most essential pointers of all. Many people fall for the ‘we do all the work for you’ line and then are dissatisfied when the money isn’t coming. If you really want to be effective, take action and do your own prospecting.

Get trained in utilizing the brand-new technologies offered to you. You could utilize the generic website Coastal Vacations offers, it is best to create your own web site or have it designed for you with your own domain name. Usage of different types of web pages and marketing to increase the number of prospects you have. 4. Generate your own leads. Acquired leads are excessive of a ‘grab bag’ to actually be effective. You do not know if they are actually interested in Coastal Vacations or if they simply signed up on a generic page somewhere.

They are more time consuming than they deserve. Utilize a sign-up or ‘squeeze’ page particular to Coastal Vacations to generate your own leads. Because the leads signed up particularly to find out more from you about Coastal Vacations, this is more most likely to offer a high conversion rate. 5. Use numerous marketing places. There are several choices here. Pay per click search engines, Adwords, blogs, forums and text ads in newsletters and ezines are simply a couple of marketing techniques you can utilize. And keep in mind to make sure that the link in these advertisements goes first to your capture page to catch the contact details of potential customers. Though there are a lot more excellent suggestions, these 5 pointers offer a good start for you in your Coastal Vacations organization.

Contact fellow Coastal Vacations associates for much more suggestions. 5 Success Tips For Coastal Vacations Reps. So you are considering becoming a Coastal Vacations Rep or representative just signed up simply as a rep. Maybe you have already actually  had some success in Coastal Vacations if so good for you.

You could utilize the generic site Coastal Vacations provides, however, it is best to develop your own web site or have it created for you with your own domain name. You don’t know if they are actually interested in Coastal Vacations or if they just signed up on a generic page somewhere. Utilize a sign up or ‘capture’ page specific to Coastal Vacations to produce your own leads.

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Best Celebration Beaches Worldwide


Best Celebration Beaches Worldwide

The idea of partying on the beach is universally attractive, summoning pictures of dancing from sunset to sunrise on golden sands, with bonfires, terrific music, crashing waves and mixed drinks in the mix.

From Ibiza to Miami, there are as many kinds of beach parties as there are party-people looking for a good time. From down and dirty dancing to celebrity-spotting interacting socially, read on for the 5 best party beaches in the world! IBIZA, SPAIN The name Ibiza has been associated with the expression ‘beach celebration’ ever since the late ’80’s when the former hangout of hippies and flower-children, metamorphosized into the celebration capital of the world.

The Playa d’en Bossa Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the island with its bars and cafés. For the conclusive Ibiza beach celebration, head to Bora Bora, half way along d’en Bossa beach. MYKONOS, GREECE With its welcoming residents and stylish beach bars oceanside, Mykonos is another great location to celebration on the sands. Head to Paradise Beach Bar, located right on the beach in between the palm trees. SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI Where the upper class hang out– South Beach uses all the partying you’ll ever need.

Although not strictly speaking ON the beach, the many amazing clubs sprayed along this expensive coastline are so hot that they bring the beach atmosphere ideal within. This is where the classy people celebration, however the great times just get under method from 11 pm, so strolling along the beach, eating in restaurants or having a drink in the earlier part of the evening is suggested to avoid showing up too early.

Many top model companies send out scouts to South Beach – you never ever know who might find you on one of the incredible dance floors. The beach itself is stunning, with white, baby-powder sands touched by the Atlantic. Not only can you dine here during the day but when the sun decreases you can have fun at the beds on stilts at Nikki Beach. BLOOMINGDALE AAN ZEE, HOLLAND This event-venue opened nearly 7 years back as a beach party for Amsterdam locals. Bloomingdales is renowned for its all-day Sunday parties held regularly throughout the year. The music tends towards chilled, easygoing tunes, perfect for the beach-setting. CAMPS BAY, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA The white sands of this beautiful beach are popular throughout summer with both residents and global visitors to the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa.

With bars, dining establishments and coffee shops right along the Camps Bay strip there are always trendy and stunning individuals spilling out of these locations on to the beach. While volley ball and tanning are popular by day, sundowners and impromptu beach parties are on from early night to well past midnight.

Enjoy music, fire-jugglers and drumming around the substantial bonfires which are lit throughout the summer holiday. If sea, sun and sand make put you in the state of mind for some hot partying– why leave the beach? Head for one of these 5 locations and the party need never ever end! The name Ibiza has been associated with the expression ‘beach party’ ever considering that the late ’80’s when the previous hangout of hippies and flower-children, metamorphosized into the celebration capital of the world.

The Playa d’en Bossa Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the island with its bars and cafés. For the conclusive Ibiza beach celebration, head to Bora Bora, half way along d’en Bossa beach.

Head to Paradise Beach Bar, situated right on the beach between the palm trees. Not strictly speaking ON the beach,  but there are various magnificent clubs sprayed along this pretty coastline and they are so hot that they bring the beach environment ideal within the club.

Best Celebration Beaches Worldwide

Visit these Readers’ Choice winners for the best summer vacation

Visit these Readers’ Choice winners for the best summer vacation

Plan your ultimate summer vacation with these winning attractions, chosen as the best in North America by 10Best readers.

10Best Editors
Friday, May 3rd, 2019

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Why Balance Transfers and Rewards Do Not Mix


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If I had a dollar for each time a person asked me how they can earn rewards on a balance transfer, I would be filthy stinking rich. Many people seem to believe card issuers will grant you rewards on transferred debt, or worse, that transferring the debt to a rewards card would be a smart financial move.

Here’s the reality: Credit card rewards and balance transfers do not mix — or, at least they shouldn’t.

For starters, card issuers do not grant rewards on balances transferred from other credit cards (or cash advances). In other words, you only earn rewards on purchases.

Not only that, but rewards credit cards are probably the last type of credit card you want for a balance transfer. While the average credit card APR is currently over 17%, some of the top travel credit cards charge rates considerably higher than that. Even my beloved Chase Sapphire Reserve comes with a variable APR between 19.24% and 26.24% based on your creditworthiness.

Some cards do offer attractive balance transfer offers and rewards on new purchases, but I wouldn’t recommend signing up for those either. The popular Chase Freedom is an example in this realm. Not only does this card offers 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in bonus category spending each quarter (then 1%) and 1% back on other purchases, but you earn $150 in bonus cash after you spend $500 in three months. You also get 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for a full 15 months (a balance transfer fee of 5% does apply).

The problem? You could easily transfer high-interest debt then use your new Chase Freedom card and the temptation of rewards to rack up even more. Once that 15 months is over, you’re stuck with whatever’s left of your old balance plus your new debt at the Chase Freedom’s standard rates — or a 17.24%–25.99% variable APR.

Sound unlikely? Trust me — it’s not. This is exactly what happens all the time when people believe they can pay down debt without quitting credit cards.

How to Use a Balance Transfer to Pay Down Debt

If you have high-interest credit card debt you need to pay off, let me give you some advice: Stop using credit cards!

You’re going to have a much harder time paying off debt when you’re still using credit cards for your regular purchases. I suggest switching to debit or cash and coming up with a monthly budget and plan to pay off your debt. In the meantime, stash your credit cards away in a sock drawer or store them in a safe.

You can sign up for a balance transfer card that will help you save on interest as you go, but these cards only work if you stop using credit and stop digging a deeper hole. There are a ton of balance transfer cards that offer 0% APR for 9 to 21 months, but a few of my favorites are the Chase Slate and the Citi Simplicity.

  • The Chase Slate gives you 15 months 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers with no annual fee. There’s also no balance transfer fee for balances transferred in the first 60 days. Keep in mind, you cannot transfer other Chase balances to this card.
  • I also like the Citi Simplicity Card because it gives you 21 months at 0% APR for balance transfers and 12 months at 0% APR for purchases. There is a 5% balance transfer fee, but it can be beneficial to pay this fee to get those extra months with no interest. Like Chase, Citi won’t let you transfer balances to this card from another Citi credit card.

Whether you choose to get a balance transfer card to help you save on interest or not, do yourself a favor and stop using credit cards for purchases if you’re in debt. You may never get out of debt if you keep racking more up, and the last thing you need is an incentive to spend more to earn rewards.

Do you think balance transfers and rewards mix? Why or why not

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Tips On How To Have A Great RV Camping Experience


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Tips On How To Have A Great RV Camping Experience

If it’s your family’s first outdoor adventure and you want to have a great time without experiencing the complications of tent camping then it is a good idea to go for an RV camping trip.

To make sure that your family gets to have a great time during your RV camping trip, here are a few tips you can follow.

First tip: create a checklist. Just like in tent camping, you should avoid the “I forgot” scenarios by creating a checklist that will give you an overview of the things you need to bring and pack. No, it doesn’t mean you have to squeeze the entire house in the luggage compartment in your RV. Just be sure you bring the essentials and you won’t have a problem.

Here is an example of a comprehensive checklist which you can use and then just add in other personal items that you need.

For the camping gears, you need to pack in a lantern, fuel, matches, compass and maps, comfortable chairs for lounging outdoors, foldable chairs and tables, extra batteries, flashlight, and rope.

Don’t forget to list your RV needs like a fire extinguisher, a set of tools for small home repair, some wood blocks for the leveling process, indoor heaters and a portable generator.

Under the category of eating and food preparation, list meal ingredients, food, drinking water, cook stove and fuel, table, folding chairs, cookware, cooking and eating utensils, can opener, coolers, and ice.

What you’ll need for comfortable sleep, pack in inflatable mattresses with pump, cots, pillow, blankets and sleeping bags.

For your personal items, you need to have your first aid kit, clothing, rain gear, toiletries, camera and film, and insect repellent.

Second tip: pick a nice RV camping park. There are many RV campsites with facilities and amenities that will make your stay fun and convenient. It is also smart to pick a park that not only gives you a nice site to camp on but also offers a variety of great outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating, white water rafting, and biking to make sure none in the family gets bored.

Third tip: create wonderful and exciting camping activities for you and your family. Remember one of the purposes of any family camping trip is family bonding time. Together, you can engage in activities that the park has to offer together, go hiking and see spectacular sights. You can also play family fun games back in your camp spot. This will surely make your RV camping trip even more memorable.

Fourth tip: create sumptuous meals for you and your family to feast on. So that cooking does not take your whole day, it is best to prepare the ingredients at home by measuring them and putting them in resealable plastic bags with labels to make cooking easier and faster. It is also smart if you half cooked meat, potatoes, and other food to save cooking time. Be sure to prepare meals that are loved by the whole family and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Fifth tip: create a comfortable sleeping ambiance for your family. All’s well that ends well. After a whole day of fun but exhausting activities, your family needs to get a good night’s rest. Be sure to heat up your sleeping area toasty warm with a reliable Coleman heater like the Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater and have your family sleep in comfortable sleeping bags or air mattresses.

RV camping which is a deviation from a regular camping trip is a great way to spend time with your family. You and your family can get close to nature and yet not be too far away from the comfort and conveniences of a homey ambiance. Bringing an RV to a campsite is like having a home away from home.

food preparation

Camping with an RV Is a Fun Alternative to Using a Tent

Get more on this here.

Read more articles like this.


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Cool Things To See And Do In Chile


I want to talk about the most unusual things that bust the myths about this country and help others to discover new sides of it.

1. Chile is the most Economically developed country in Latin America.Some people call Chile “The Switzerland of South America”. There are many reasons for this: Chile is in 24th place on the list of the Global Peace Index. This country has the lowest level of corruption in all of Latin America and the highest level of economic development. Chile is in 33rd place on the list of the Press Freedom Index. There are effective funds that support small companies. Chile is very economically and socially developed — its level can be compared to many European countries and it is very safe and comfortable for traveling.

2. There are official social classes in Chile.There are official social classes in Chile: A, B, C, D, and E. For every letter, there are special features like a place of living, education level, type of medical insurance, and a profession. And social mobility is very low, so few people can actually move from one class to another.This classification is often used both in everyday speech and, for example, when someone is talking about the target audience for a product or a service. Very conservative employers can even ask where you live in the city. Not because they mean something bad but because it is a habit. Of course, these letters are not written in any documents. As a result, this segregation affects the mentality of Chileans and separates social groups from each other.

3. The unusual habits of localsJust like any other nation, Chileans have their own habits and mentality. Here are some of the examples:Chileans can’t really park cars well: they don’t care about scratches much and park instinctively. Cars have a lot of damage here. By the way, it is considered perfectly normal to drive after drinking a couple glasses of wine.Chileans love to replace a full dinner with a late lunch — like sandwiches with tea or coffee. There is no such thing as a normal dinner in Chile. Speaking of dinner, I’ve got to talk about the food. Chileans are willing to pay anything to get a piece of grilled meat. Barbecue here is like a second religion. But unlike the popular myth, they don’t add a lot of red pepper.Men who work in offices love carrying backpacks even when they wear suits. Allegedly, such backpacks are better for the back. They also wear pants that are way too short. And women love wearing high boots no matter how hot it is outside and they even dress like hippies.Don’t be surprised if a Chilean will interrogate you with questions like, “What school did you go to?” or “Where do you live?” the first time you meet them.Chileans often have Croatian, German, English, and French last names. They have diverse DNA.In Chile, everything is upside down. It’s cold in the South and hot in the North; it’s summer in January and winter in July.

4. Water in the ocean is cold the entire year.Many people imagine palm trees, warm oceans, and rainforests when they hear the words “Latin America”. This is true for the biggest part of the continent, but Chile is an exception. You can swim in the ocean in Chile only on Easter Island. On the continent part of the country, the temperature of the air near the ocean is around 60° F, there are huge waves, and it is almost impossible to swim. However, there are no sharks here: they don’t like cold water. Resting on the beach means having sunbaths. When a Chilean gets into a warm sea or ocean, they’re surprised that it’s even possible. When they want to have a real beach vacation, they travel to Brazil.At the same time, Chilean nature is incredibly diverse: there, you’ll find the driest desert in the world, mountains, and thousands of volcanos, lakes, evergreen forests, glaciers, and islands with penguins. The country is very different in its different places which is why there are a lot of tourists

.5. You may not feel an earthquake lower than a 7 magnitude.Chile is located in a seismically active zone. Earthquakes here are so mundane that many people don’t even notice them. Over time, I got used to them too. The buildings here are constructed according to special standards which protect them from cracks and other damage. Most earthquakes don’t lead to any consequences and I learned about them only from the news. The thing is, most of them seem like a light vibration and most Chileans are very calm about them.

6. The distances between cities are way bigger than we imagine.For some reason, many people think that distances in Latin America are not very long. And Chile seems to be a small country. Chile is the narrowest country in the world but this doesn’t mean that the country is small. It’s 4,300 km long. It’s also important not to forget how far it is from other countries. For example, it is cheaper to fly from Russia to Cuba than from Santiago to Cuba even though the distance is about the same. The flight from Santiago to New York is 10.5 hours long, and Santiago to Rio de Janeiro is 5 hours long. The same goes for traveling across Chile: if you have just 2 weeks and you want to see as much as possible here, you’ll need to take planes.

7. Great wine is produced in Chile.Chile is the 4th biggest country in terms of wine production. Carménère is probably the most prominent kind of Chilean wine. There is even a beautiful story about greenflies that ate all the grapes in Europe and this kind of grape can only be found in Chile. The wine production here is great and Chile has fantastic natural conditions here. The narrow land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean gets a lot of rainfall from the ocean. It comes to the mountains and ends up in the valleys with vineyards.Chileans produce premium wine along with middle-class kind of wine that is still critically acclaimed. Chilean wine gets around 90/100 points from respectable critics. On top of that, Chilean red and white wine has both good quality and a great price. If you don’t like Chilean wine, it is probably because you haven’t tried a good kind. It’s funny but locals prefer beer or cocktails — they don’t drink wine all that much.

8. Chileans don’t need visas for almost any other country.An owner of a Chilean passport rarely needs to have a visa: Chileans can visit 174 countries without a visa. People from Monaco can visit the same number of countries. Chile is the only Latin American country that has electronic authorization with the US. This means that all you have to do to go to the US is fill out an online questionnaire a day before your trip. My husband thinks that a visa is a bank card!

9. Chile is a country of contradictions.The country that just 58 years ago experienced the most violent earthquake in human history has the tallest skyscraper in South America. It is 989 ft tall. By the way, it was fully constructed but most of it is not used — there is no infrastructure around the building yet.This is a country that has had 2 female presidents, legal same-sex marriage, some women’s magazines that don’t edit photos, and that doesn’t allow women to have abortions. According to surveys, about 30% of Chileans are against abortions. Usually, it’s the richest and the poorest people.Chilean women don’t change their last names when they get married. They just don’t have such a tradition.Early marriages and a huge number of children are normal only for very poor and very rich families. Having a baby in Chile is pretty expensive. Private kindergartens, schools, colleges, and medical insurance are affordable for the middle class. This is why many Chileans tie the knot after just 10 years of having lived together. More than that, the average life expectancy in Chile is 80 years (only Canadians live longer in this part of the world). This is why they believe that a 35-year-old person is still very young.

10. The famous Easter Island is also a part of Chile.Few people know for sure where this tiny island is located. The Chilean coast is the closest land to the island (it’s 3,700 km away). This is why it’s part of Chile. Just take a 5-hour flight from Santiago and you will get to the famous island. And Easter Island is the most remote part of Chile not just because of how far away it is.The land on the island can only be bought by an indigenous person, others can only rent houses including the Chileans from the continent.

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Fun Water Activities In Jamaica On Montego Bay


Fun and unique water activities in Jamaica

Ready for adventure? There are plenty of ways to experience the blue Caribbean waters of Jamaica.

Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica

Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica resort is a famous hideaway of movie stars, royalty, and a lot of tourists. The resort is located only six miles east of the Donald Sangster International Airport and sits in four-hundred acres of stunning gardens and landscapes surrounding the ‘half moon’ shaped bay. The resort also takes pride in their Robert Trent Jones designed championship golf course, extensive water sports, gourmet dining, top accommodations, and great entertainment.

Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica features rooms located in villas, cottages, and hotel buildings spread over more than one-hundred acres of Jamaica’s stunning north coast. A wide variety of first-class luxury accommodations that will suit every need, from forty-four rooms, one hundred seventy six suites, and thirty two villas, are among the great selection guests can choose from. Bright Jamaican paintings, Queen Anne inspired mahogany furniture, four poster beds, and vibrant carpets are among some of the features of the rooms, put together with the resort’s world class amenities and exquisite service, will surely be a unique taste of paradise for every guest seducing them to remain in this private haven.

Whether guests select a suite, a villa, or a room, Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica guarantees the ultimate gracious hospitality and superb comfort. Every single accommodation features AM/FM radio, color cable TV, magnified shaving mirrors, refrigerated mini bar, individual air conditioning, direct dial telephone with voice mail, writing desk, nightly turn down service, modern bathroom facilities, 11V electrical outlets, in room safe, hair dryer, balconies or patios, and ocean and/or garden view.

Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica resort also features delicious dining with on-site restaurants such as the Seagrape Terrace for buffet breakfasts, fine lunches and dinners beneath a canopy of green buttonwood trees, the II Giardino has a selection of pasta dishes presented in different styles, the Sugar Mill Restaurant located n a gentle slope overlooking the Half Moon golf course and under the two-hundred-year-old water wheel. There are also bars to enjoy a drink after a long active day, the Beach Bar, Lester’s Bar, Hibiscus Pool Bar, La Baguette, Royal Pavillon, and the 19th Hole Bar.

For guests who want to take tours, the resort also offers several tours such as Rafting on the Martha Brae River or at Mountain Valley, All Around Mobay, and Great River Revelry. Numerous fun and thrilling activities, sports, and recreation for active guest are also offered by the resort such as fifty-one swimming pools, Jacuzzi, golf, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding, show jumping, arena polo, squash, cricket, putting, bocce, and a lot more.

The Half Moon Montego Bay Jamaica will absolutely give each guest an awe-inspiring experience combined with luxury, relaxation, and fun.

Association football

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