Welcome To The Best Snorkling In The British Virgin Islands

Welcome to the Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Summary: Caribbean contains some of the best spots for snorkeling in the whole world, particularly in the British Virgin Islands

When you say Caribbean, you say snorkeling. Caribbean contains some of the best spots for snorkeling in the whole world. Particularly the Virgin Islands which boasts some of the most impressive wrecks, lagoons and reefs in the entire ocean.

The British Virgin Islands was full of activity since the age of pirates and seafarers. Not only men and ships frequented the area, a whole host of sea life also found the waters of this haven accommodating. Warn and clear a throughout the year, with enough sun to feed any every aquatic vegetation to culmination, this is the perfect underwater habitat. And any perfect underwater habitat makes a perfect snorkeling spot.

The islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas are among the best snorkeling in the Caribbean because of the historic shipwrecks and corals that dot along its shores.

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Cane Bay
The Cane Bay wall in St. Croix is a deep underwater cliff that drops dramatically off into a foreboding depth. On a good day, you can swim out about 450 feet to see its ledge teeming with the most colorful underwater flora and fauna.

Buck Island
This island is considered an offshoot to its larger neighbor the St. Croix Island. Buck Island and the surrounding shore is considered a national monument with its waters home to a recorded 250 diverse marine species. Sponges, corals, crustaceans and a host of multicolored fishes greet every snorkeler.

Leinster Bay
Leinster Bay is very accessible since it directly leads to the northern shore of St. John. This calm and often uncrowded area is carpeted with sea life. For those with families or large group, Leinster Bay is the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.

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neufal54 (CC0), Pixabay

Haulover Bay
While Leinster Bay caters snorkelers with a bustling marine ecosystem, Haulover Bay treats its guest with awesome underwater terrain, often deserted. The best part of this area is gazing at the beauty of stationary elements, as if this silent place was formed by some underwater artist. Ledges, walls, rocks, nooks and sand complement each other to form a peaceful sight.

Trunk Bay
Trunk Bay has a self guided 675 foot long snorkeling trail. With large underwater signs to identify coral species and aquatic life, Trunk Bay is the best snorkeling in the Caribbean for starter swimmers.

Coki Point Beach
Another standard snorkeling spot, Coki Point Beach is also among the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Located on the north shore of St. Thomas, it entices snorkelers with its fantastically formed coral ledges near the Coral World’s underwater tower.

Buck Island

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Finding The Perfect Caribbean Spot To Enjoy

Making the Choice – Finding Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation Spot

Close your eyes and imagine a Caribbean vacation. Done? The images you called to mind probably contained pristine white beaches, aquamarine waters, and plenty of palm trees. Fortunately, the Caribbean is full of enough beautiful beaches to satisfy every traveler, but there’s much more to the islands than just beaches, something vacationers who would like their trip to be more than just a day at the beach can enjoy.
While some islands are, indeed, known for their beaches, others, like Saba, hardly have any. There’s a whole world of activities in the Caribbean, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Learning a bit about some of the islands can help you get a feel for the many differences you’ll find.
Basic Island Differences
Weather, surprisingly, can be different from island to island, as mountains, the trade winds, and even their geographic location can cause some subtle and not-so-subtle changes. Islands such as Aruba are seemingly an anomaly – cacti and aloe grow more readily than fragrant hibiscus in its desert climate. Meanwhile islands like Puerto Rico can offer mountain hikes to adventure seekers, as well as a cooler temperatures high in its ranges.
Another important difference between the islands can be cultural. If you’re looking for a taste of Paris alongside a bit of tropical sunshine, turn to Martinique and the other French West Indies. However, travelers can also enjoy islands where Dutch colonial style still reigns in the Netherlands Antilles, or take tea in the British West Indies. Some islands have been territories of many nations throughout their history, and the mix can be delightful.
Activities, though, can make or break a vacation. There are plenty of natural sights to see, both above and below the waves; mountainous peaks rise high into the sky, and historic buildings attract many visitors. Cultural festivals like the famous Carnival are also popular draws to these islands. However, when you’re looking for activities, it’s important to make the right choices.

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Jamaica attracts many visitors each year to its popular resort towns and beaches. Whether you’re heading to Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, or somewhere else entirely, Jamaica has plenty of culture to offer. Golf on the grounds of a former plantation, or explore its famous Blue Mountains, there’s plenty to see and do on land. And, of course, who can forget the food and crafts? Still, avid snorkelers and divers may leave this island feeling a little disappointed.
Cancún is the ubiquitous spring break vacation spot for most college students, but what many people don’t know is that the surrounding areas have plenty to offer as well. Cancún may have gorgeous beaches and plenty of nightlife, but Cozumel offers incredible underwater sights to dazzle intrepid divers. The area known as the Mayan Riviera includes secluded spots like Playa del Carmen, which many families love, while Tulum hosts larger than life Mayan ruins.
A popular spot for cruising as much as any other kind of travel, The Bahamas has plenty of popular ports and beaches, but crowds in the cities can be too much for some travelers. The Out Islands, however, are some of the most popular areas for vacationers looking to escape the crowds. Whether you’re off to see Ernest Hemingway’s Bimini, enjoying the hustle and bustle of popular cities like Freeport, or sailing and fishing between any of the islands, The Bahamas provide a great opportunity for a unique vacation without going far from the Florida coast.
Puerto Rico has plenty of advocates as well, since it offers travelers everything from mountain vistas to a bit of diving and snorkeling. It’s best known for its history – while Old San Juan is popular, visit Ponce on the southern coast for a touch of something a little different – and its rainforest, El Yunque, is the only rainforest in the U.S. National Parks system. Shopping, casinos, and nightlife are all important aspects of San Juan’s popularity and don’t forget to spend a bit of time at one of their beaches as well.

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Island Groups
Get ready to sail when visiting the Virgin Islands. Whether you’re planning to stop in at the U.S. or the British islands, you’ll find crystalline waters and plenty of places to see. St. Thomas offers shopping, St. Croix features historic Dutch buildings, and St. John is home to a wildlife preserve. Snorkelers and divers will find beautiful sights in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands are much more secluded, and welcome vacationers with warm smiles and British hospitality.
Travelers feeling like another taste of something British can stop in at Barbados and have afternoon tea with the Bajan locals. Visitors stopping in on Bermuda can also explore some of the cultural heritage this island retains, and stick around for a game of golf. Despite Bermuda’s distinctly non-Caribbean location, it is still considered to be a popular tropical location, and is often grouped with other Caribbean islands. The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda are also known for beautiful beaches and rich British history, as well as incredible sailing.
Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, known as the ABC Islands, are three of the Netherlands Antilles located just north of Venezuela’s coast. With the added distinction of being outside the Caribbean’s “Hurricane Belt,” this trio of islands offers some unusual desert climates, but fascinating history, and nature unlike what you’ll find in the rest of the Caribbean.

bora bora, island, caribbean
Julius_Silver (CC0), Pixabay

Other Isles
The Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Saba, Belize, and Dominica are known for their natural beauty. With mountains, rivers, tropical forests, and underwater scenes to explore, these relatively untouched locales provide ecologically-oriented travelers an especially rich and diverse set of Caribbean spots to explore. Each of these has different cultures and draws to the island, whether you’re curious about The Dominican Republic’s popular surfing beaches, or St. Lucia’s famous volcanic peaks, there’s sure to be something that is perfect for island explorers.
While it may be easy to visualize what some would consider to be typically Caribbean, it may take a little more effort to really pick an island that is perfect for your stay. Every traveler has his or her own idea of what makes up a great getaway, and building that trip is easy in the Caribbean. With just a bit of discernment, everyone can be satisfied on their vacation to the Caribbean.


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Why You Must Visit The British Virgin Islands The Experience Is Unforgetable

Why You Must Visit The British Virgin Islands

A British Virgin Islands Caribbean holiday is like no other Caribbean holiday, from the laid back islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda, to the exclusive luxury of Necker Island.

Christopher Columbus was the first European visitor to the British Virgin Islands. He named them ‘Las Mil Virgines’, or ‘the 11,000 Virgins’, to reflect the number of islands that he could see in every direction! Today, these unspoilt islands are an escapist’s paradise and perfect for those in search of world-class beaches, crystal clear waters, secluded coves and a safe anchorage.

Tortola is the largest island and home to the capital, Road Town from where regular ferry services link to neighbouring islands and the nearby U.S. Virgin Islands. The pace on the islands is slow and laid-back, and the local population are welcoming and friendly. Many visitors seek nothing more than unwinding on a white sand beach, fringed with palms and sea grapes.

One of the best known and most photographed beaches is to be found on the island of Virgin Gorda, where The Baths – an intriguing canopy of giant granite boulders framing seawater grottos – creates a unique setting in which to swim or explore. Best time to plan a visit is in the late afternoon when you can watch the sun set over a host of tiny islands. The scenery below the sea is equally appealing and diving and snorkelling enthusiasts flock to the Virgin Islands to view spectacular coral reefs, breathtaking marine life and numerous shipwrecks.

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GGFLO29 (CC0), Pixabay

Necker Island is the pinnacle of private luxury. Owned by Richard Branson, it is one of his favourite holiday spots. When he is not using it himself, it is available for up to 28 guests. It is an utterly private and extravagantly stylish hideaway, where even the rich and famous feel completely at ease. The island itself is a mass of delightful scenic contrasts – rocky headlands are interspersed with beautiful sandy beaches and beneath the translucent blue waters are spectacular reefs of coral and colourful shoals of fish.

With small bays and hidden coves and islands always in sight, the sheltered waters afford some of the finest sailing opportunities in the Caribbean and make the British Virgin Islands the ideal spot to hone your skills in the art of sailing. In fact, the ‘yachtie’ atmosphere is intoxicating as small towns and bays bustle with the comings and goings of yachts mooring up at marinas and anchorages.

British Virgin Islands Caribbean

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Taking A Break At Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Taking A Break At Virginia Beach, Virginia

Having a vacation provides you the time to be with yourself and your family. Taking a break from long months of work and changing the scenery relieve stress. It is not bad to take a vacation if you think you deserve it.

Virginia Beach in Virginia offers relaxing places and recreational programs to put your stress away. The city provides vacation planner for future visitors and updates them for any activities, programs and year-round events that they can enjoy.

The city provides exciting and picturesque views of the beach and bays from their marinas and parks. There are several anti-stress programs that are available for people who go to the city just to break away from their monotonous work. Some of the programs offer therapeutic recreation that aids citizens and visitors in overcoming stress through enjoyable manner.

Lodging, Restaurants And Spas

If you are planning to have a vacation, the first step is to know where you want to stay. There are several hotels available in Virginia Beach, Va. The lodging areas range from simple bed and breakfast, cottages or cabins to condo rentals and outdoor camping depending on what you want.

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The locations of these cabins also vary. There are lodgings available if you want to be beside the beach and enjoy the morning fresh air or want to dip in a pool with a glass of refreshing drink.

The restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA also offer visitors with Virginia’s finest meals. Wine lovers are encouraged to try some of Virginia’s richest offerings from their vineyards. Chesapeake Bay provides exquisite dining experience by offering tourists with freshly caught seafood and picturesque view of kayaks, board sails, and sailboats. Eating healthy combined with wonderful view of the sea can put your mind away from your problems.

There are inns and hotels in the city that offers relaxing spas and massages. Pamper yourself with dermal treatments will rejuvenate your skin and take away those wrinkles from stress. Other spas provide serene environments for the development of body and soul.

virginia beach, town, city
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

If you experience muscle tensions, deep tissue massage helps alleviate the pain while focusing on the problem areas. Reflexology therapy reduces stress and fatigue. There are many spas in the city that provide several services that ensure relief from stress.

Parks And Recreation

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You are settled in your hotel and want an authentic Virginia Beach experience. The city is equipped with recreational parks and golf courses. The Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation handles the operation of three municipal golf courses. These parks are complete with the facilities and golfing amenities. The three major golfing facilities in Virginia Beach are; Bow Creek, Kempsville Greens, and Red Wing Lake.

Virginia Beach offers swimming programs and athletic facilities for tourists to enjoy. The city offers therapy, skill development facilities and leisure education for both tourists and citizens. These programs are also designed for people who want to manage their stress.

Virginia Beach’s therapeutic recreation uses treatment and recreation service to help visitors and citizens suffering from illness, disabilities and those who are experiencing stress and use leisure to enhance health and total well being.

The program aims to enrich the quality of life by providing access to opportunities that offer skill development, education and facilitate participation in activities for people who are experiencing challenges.

Chesapeake Bay

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St. Thomas In The Beautiful Virgin Islands

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St. Thomas, Virgin Island

Summary: St. Thomas, Virgin Island of the United States has full of activities to keep your vacation the best ever.

The US Virgin Islands has three main lands namely; St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of US Virgin Island is named after a Danish Queen and is the most popular cruise port in the Caribbean. It is where the ship docks and the white and bright colored houses are heavily sprinkled against a background of emerald hills. Colorful sloops dock along the waterfront, and a few steps back, down alleyways lined with old Danish warehouse buildings is a world-famous shopping center-Duty Free.

Many vacationers explore St. Thomas for its shopping centers, beaches, and historical places. Exploring Charlotte Amalie is a rewarding experience and can easily be done by foot. In addition, St. Thomas, Virgin Island, offers a lot of activities to keep the vacationers busy everyday. You can have an aerial tour or go under the sea for scuba diving, go for shopping, or simply enjoy the sun in the island’s beautiful beaches.

st thomas, virgin islands, buildings
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

While visiting St. Thomas, Virgin Island you can take a glimpse into the historical places like Fort Christian, Legislature Building, Emancipation Park, Grand Hotel, Lutheran Church, A Note On Government Hill, Hotel 1829, and the 99 Steps. There are also new attractions at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands like; Atlantis Submarine, Coral World Ocean Park, Skyride to Paradise Point, Bluebeard’s Café and Frederiksberg, Nisky Moravian Church, Drake’s Seat, Mountain Top, Tillet Gardens, Frenchtown, and Red Hook.

Who could ever take the beaches out of the vacationers’ itinerary? St. Thomas also has plenty of beautiful beaches in the US Virgin Islands. Here are some of the famous beaches of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: Linderg Bay, Coki Point, Morningstar, Magens Bay, Bluebeards beach, Turtle Cove, Sugar Bay, Secret Harbor, Limetree Beach, Sapphire Beach, Bolongo Bay, Hull Bay, Brewers Bay, Cowpet Bay, Water Bay, and Mandahl Bay.

Check out all these beautiful white-sand-beaches because they also offer all the water sports that you can think of to surely enjoy your craving for water activities. There are actually boat rentals and day charters if you want to enjoy the sea away from the crowd.

Aside from the water activities such as; snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, parasailing, surfing, windsurfing & kite surfing, jet skis and kayak rentals, there are a lot of things you can do to enjoy your vacation at St. Thomas like; hiking, island hopping, golf, tennis, horseback riding, biking, casino gaming, cultural and local events, or even spa relaxation.

The many things that the island has to offer for your enjoyment will surely make your stay as memorable as you can imagine. You will not have any dull moments on this island because wherever you set your sights on, you can not stop yourself the from indulging.


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The Perfect National Park for Your Vacation

Picking the Perfect National Park for Your Vacation

There are so many decisions that go into choosing a vacation destination. When it involves more than just you and your friend or significant other, it seems to get even more complicated. Short and even family vacations should not drive you to drink or pulling all your hair out. These are just a few tips to help you make your choice a little less stressful.

The first and easiest thing to ask yourself is what you and the people you will be going with like to do? Are you totally outdoor people, strictly indoor types, or a combination? Are all of you athletic or in good shape? Do you like hot weather, mild or cold seasons? Is sightseeing something you would like on your agenda or are you strictly an activity-oriented type? Do you enjoy ruggedness or do you want more comfort? Do you like camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, bird watching, wildlife viewing, history, learning how some of the unique formations in the parks came to be there, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, boating, kayaking, whitewater rafting, photography, hunting, or just lazing around beautiful places?

The next thing to consider is how much do you have to spend and how much time will you have. There are so many national parks and monuments that are relatively close to people that it is not expensive to get yourself there. Some of the exciting wilderness areas in Alaska can be expensive to get to, but if you have the money and enjoy the great outdoors, it is certainly worth going for an incredible experience you will not soon forget.

redwood national park, california, landscape
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

That being said, it only remains to pick your destination. Bear in mind, that almost any area has inexpensive travel options and moves up from there to more expensive ones. Also, just because you’re going to a national park, does not mean you have to ‘rough it’. There are plenty of options for day hiking, climbing, fishing, water sports, etc. that do not involve sitting by a campfire enjoying the great outdoors if that is just not your style.

Camping is generally believed to be the cheapest type of vacation after you make the initial investment of camping supplies. This can be a tidy sum, but remember that the equipment usually lasts for quite a few years. It is generally true that camping fees at the parks are cheaper than an average hotel room. And if you own an RV, you can camp in true comfort. Most campgrounds are situated in gorgeous surroundings and allow you easy access to the park’s highlights. There are very few parks that don’t have some kind of campgrounds. Also, when you camp, you usually cook your own food which also saves you money. And no, you don’t have to eat hotdogs all week unless that is what you love!

Now, if you live in the Midwest, there are plenty of park options within driving distances that take no more than twelve hours or less, depending on where you live. Of course, you can always choose to fly anywhere, but some parks are a little distant from the nearest airport. Driving allows you the luxury of taking along everything you think you need for a comfortable stay.

My favorite pick for the Midwest is Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. This is hands down one of the best all-around parks for the family. It falls within the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. You can choose to rough it on the Appalachian Trail, camp out in a developed campground or wilderness, or stay in anywhere from luxurious suites to nice inexpensive hotels in nearby Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. And, speaking of Pigeon Forge, you have Dollywood and all the innumerable attractions they offer in the area. On the North Carolina side, you have more campgrounds, the city of Cherokee that has several Indian souvenirs and museums, whitewater rafting and fly fishing (the last two are actually offered in both states). The mountains are absolutely beautiful and make for great photo ops.

yellowstone national park, wyoming, landscape
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Another great choice is Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and State Park. They also have camping and wildlife viewing, especially bird watching. A unique shoreline allows for walking on the beach or swimming in Lake Michigan. They even have areas for you to bring your own horses and go horseback riding. For those of you that enjoy sightseeing and history, you can see the five World’s Fair houses from 1933 or attend the Gathering At Calumic in early May, where Eastern Woodland Indians and Western Great Lakes fur traders and Voyageurs reenact what life was like along the Calumet River from 1730-1830.

If you enjoy boating, there are several places in the Midwest, but the two northern ones are Voyageurs National Park and Isle Royale National Park. Voyageurs is in Minnesota and Isle Royale is off of the northern coast of Michigan in Lake Superior. Both offer great wilderness adventures as well as canoeing, kayaking, motor boating and fishing opportunities. Voyageurs is considered a water park meaning you have to take a boat over to the actual park, but it is a short journey. There are places to camp out or lodges to stay at that will help equip you, enabling you to boat around the waterways and find those great fishing spots or spy wildlife. Isle Royale is a long boat ride or a short “puddle jumper” flight. It has wilderness camping only, but also has a lodge for those who only enjoy day hiking and some comfort. There’s kayaking, fishing, backpacking, wildlife, with the longest running research program studying wolves and moose, scuba diving, and ship wrecks. It is truly a unique ecosystem to observe.

yellowstone national park, sunset, twilight
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

The Western US has much more to offer in national parks. The most famous is Yellowstone where you will see Old Faithful and lots of other geothermal marvels and one of the few places in the lower 48 to observe grizzly bears up close. You’ll also see bison roaming very close by so be careful. It is located on the border of Wyoming and Montana. There are numerous ranches and lodges to stay at or you can camp out in the park. There is also great fly fishing, kayaking, climbing and backpacking. Another biggie is Grand Canyon National Park. This one is in Arizona, again on the border of Arizona and Nevada, but also close to the southern Utah border. It is part of the Grand Staircase, an immense sequence of sedimentary rock layers that runs south from Bryce Canyon National Park, through Zion National Park (both in Utah) and ends at the Grand Canyon. There is camping, backpacking, day hiking, whitewater rafting, and plenty of photography opportunities.

Other great parks (although all of them are super places to visit) in the west, are Yosemite, Channel Islands, Redwood, Arches, Olympic, Grand Teton, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Mesa Verde, Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier, and Sequoia. All of these have great wide spread activities that will suit any vacationers’ needs and desires. Please check out our individual park pages for further information on each of these superb parks.

The Eastern United States also offer splendid options for vacationing. Acadia National Park in Maine has unsurpassed northern oceanside views and cliff climbing that you won’t find in other parks. There’s also fishing, island exploring, hiking and beautiful gardens to gaze upon. Further down the eastern side is Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The Appalachian Trail runs through the park for 101 miles giving you plenty of hiking and backpacking options. There’s also camping, fishing, bird watching and horseback riding.

In Florida, you will find three national parks and one preserve with the most famous being Everglades. Everglades is so much more then what you’ve seen on TV. The wildlife is phenomenal and makes it easy to get some great animal and bird shots. There’s also wilderness camping, (watch out for alligators!) canoeing, fishing, airboat rides, hiking, and rare as well as beautiful flora. Big Cypress National Preserve is right by Everglades and is very similar, but also offers cypress stands, mangrove forests, endangered species of wildlife like the peregrine falcon and the Florida panther. Activities include fishing, biking, canoeing, hiking, and hunting. Biscayne National Park is off of the eastern tip of southern Florida. As the world’s third-longest coral reef tract, there are snorkeling, scuba diving trips, sailing, swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking opportunities, making it a celebrated national park vacation for family vacations or outdoor adventure-seeking spring break crowds. Dry Tortugas National Park is a unique park preserving Fort Jefferson that was built during the Civil War but never finished, and the nesting places of terns and sea turtles. You will be able to enjoy Key West snorkeling, saltwater fishing, swimming, lighthouses, ship wreaks, hiking, beach camping, boating, scuba diving, bird watching, and underwater photography of some of the best coral reef and marine life areas down in Southern Florida.

Again, I want to stress that this has been just an overview of some of the impressive parks to be seen in our national parks system. I urge you to dig into our site and read some of the park pages for the areas you are interested in visiting to find the perfect place for you to enjoy a wonderful vacation full of memories and remarkable photographs. A lot of the research has already been done for you, so dive in! With the national parks, your choices are truly endless.

Corie Marks
Adventure-Crew.com, Bringing the Adventure to You

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3 Links I Love: Mitsubishi Targets the US, A Successful A380, Iceland’s Wow Pain

This week’s featured link:

Mitsubishi to turn MRJ into cheaper, smaller ‘Space Jet’Nikkei Asian Review
It is going to be really interesting to watch what happens in the regional jet space in the US. Bombardier has basically given up while Embraer has focused its development efforts on the E2 which is too heavy to be flown by US regionals (per their agreements with the big three). So who will step in to fill the void? Mitsubishi’s MRJ is an airplane I figured would be dead on arrival, but the pivot to make it attractive to the US market creates a real opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about these plans in June.

Image of the Week: I took this photo in Boston back in 2015. Though the interiors are still not all done, the last Virgin America airplane went in for paint this week. That means they’re all in Alaska colors now, so the Virgin America red is gone.

Two for the road:

A380 was success for Airbus, says new CEOLeeham News and Analysis
Now THAT is some impressive spin.

Wow Air Collapse Decimates Iceland’s EconomyBloomberg
Air travel matters to an economy, and Iceland is taking quite the hit. Iceland is unique enough that I wonder if there is a case for government funding to keep numbers up. It rarely if ever makes sense, but this should become a fascinating case study once the market levels out and it can be fairly evaluated.

A Lovers Date At The Beach


Beach Ultimate Lovers Association

A Lovers Date At The Beach

A Lovers Date At The Beach can be an exciting romantic event. The excitement is doubled when the people who will spend a date in the beach are accredited sun-worshippers this is due to the fact that the combination of pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and elegant resorts combine with all the frills of modern living that definitely makes the date beneficial.

Aside from the imminent grand experience to anticipate, beach dates are best to those individuals who are living hectic lives and would wish to take a break and even for those who enjoy traveling and nature lovers.

Establishing a beach date can make your significant other excited to see you and  Although all beaches ensure total fulfillment and satisfaction, it must be considered that not all beaches created equal.

Before establishing that date by the beach, you ought to acquaint yourself first with the important things that may through a wrench in your romantic getaway.

1. Establish the sort of beach that you and your date desire. It’s your call. The most essential thing is that you’ll enjoy your date by the beach. For romantic aura, you must search for a pristine and quiet beach where you can relax and won’t be disrupted by anything or by any other people.

2. Start looking into and looking for that perfect beach area. Given that not every beach is suitable for everybody who wishes to take a trip, make certain to select the beach that opts for your strategy. You can choose from a wide range of beaches like personal and public beaches, sandy beaches, naked beaches, rocky beaches, white beaches, black beaches and the like.

3. Don’t forget the beach fundamentals. Given that the beach is about going into water adventures, it would be best to prepare for swimming and other beach-related activities.

So, never forget to bring sun block with high SPF on your top concerns. Then, bring a big and resilient beach bag enough to include your flip-flops or thongs, a lot of towels, snorkeling gear, swimwear, a trashy novel or publications and pair sunglasses. If you are up for a sexy date by the beach, it would be best to make all the essential preparations such as flight bookings and reservations for lodgings the soonest possible time. Considering that numerous individuals would desire to spend their special date by the beach, reservations will run out quickly.

5. Plan out your beach date well. After mulling over the preliminary strategy, searching for the perfect beach for that ultimate beach trip, it’s now time to straighten out everything by doing a little research so you can expect whatever you require. It is best to search for beach resorts that have offerings so you will not have to spend too much effort in decorating the location.

There are those that use discounts on using their amenities while others set up a special menu for couples on a date getaways. The best thing that you could do is to choose those beach resorts that has existing Valentine’s Day offering and build up some spice by customizing things using your own concepts.

Considering that not every beach is appropriate for everyone who desires to travel, be sure to select the beach that goes with your strategy. You can pick from a wide range of beaches like personal and public beaches, sandy beaches, nude beaches, rocky beaches, white beaches, black beaches and the like. Since beach is all about going into water escapades, it would be best to prepare for swimming and other beach associated activities. If you are up for a  date by the beach, it would be best to make all the necessary preparations such as flight reservations and bookings for lodgings the soonest possible time.

After mulling over the preliminary plan, looking for the ideal beach for that supreme beach trip, it’s now time to iron out whatever by doing a little research so you can prepare for everything you need.

Book Lovers Day

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Antigua Beach


Antigua Beach

One extremely incredible thing about this Caribbean island is that it need not cost excessively from your pocket to enjoy its beautiful blue waters and smooth white sands.  For those that have actually been visited the unique luxurious resorts by real estate developers, You discovered the whole Antigua beach is open to the public.

The best method to explore each and every Antigua beach is to have a companion that will share with your joy as you indulge in the sun. Here is a list of areas that you should visit.

Valley Church Beach lets you Relax in the warm waters of Lignum Vitae Bay as you enjoy at the local natives.  You can move in their own fishing boats to bring home the fresh catch of the sea. This particular Antigua beach is located on the western part of the south go the Jolly Harbour.

* Runaway Beach Home to numerous prominent resorts, this particular Antigua beach is seemingly limitless area of white sands. This is a great location to find a timeless Caribbean holiday.

If you discover it too humid as you have actually been strolling around, swim in  * Pigeon’s Point Beach Simply five minutes drive from the historic English Harbour located on the southeastern part of the county, this specific Antigua beach will undoubtedly become your favorite.

When there is no work or school, this is really the most wonderful local neighborhood where they flock to. It is also known for outstanding water activities such as snorkeling.

* Long Bay Beach The closest to the Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach, this is near Willikies town. This particular Antigua beach has fine white sands and crystal- turquoise waters that is a terrific haven for sunbathing.

* Jolly Beach Providing another long mile of white sands and warm waters, this particular Caribbean beach is situated on the west coast of the Jolly Harbour. A number of dining establishments and stores can be located here so it is not that tranquil as compared to the others.

* Turners Beach Near Johnson’s Point on the southwest area, this specifies Antigua beach is well-known for the trade- winds that dampen your skin. When the days are clear, the Island of Montserrat can be seen. That alone will certainly be a photographer’s delight.

* Jabberwock Beach Including another long stretch of grainy white sands, this specific Antigua beach is an option for local natives and foreign locals alike. This is a good area for browsing as the waves can get to be fierce nevertheless, You can go skimming and have fun.

* Green Island Off the east of the nation, there is that isolated island that offers a wide array of a tropical summertime escapade. This particular Antigua beach is a popular stop for yacht charters and trip expeditions.


Antigua and Barbuda

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Amazing Beaches in Jamaica

Boston Bay Beach

Amazing Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest islet in the Caribbean, located just south of Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is well known all over the world. As well, the islet is famous for rum, music, coffee and lots of attractive beaches. There are lots of beaches near Jamaica. You can check out some Jamaican beaches throughout your Jamaica tours.

The beaches in Jamaica are worth visiting. Some significant Jamaican beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure Beach, Cornwall Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach and Mallards Beach. On the beaches of Jamaica, you can laze around in the rich sunshine, can observe the unending sea or can taste a sip of uncommon hot drinks.

Resting on the warm sands is constantly a good experience. Travelers can enjoy numerous beach activities on the beaches of Jamaica. You can have water cruising, windsurfing, parasailing and scuba diving on these beaches. All the beaches function as a haven for swimmers and experience scuba divers.

Deep-water fishing facility is likewise readily available on a few of the beaches. Location of the beaches is stunning and so lovely that you will forget everything while observing the magnificence of nature here. Ocho Rios is one of the popular Jamaican beaches.

Mallard beach is another beautiful beach in this area, which is sited in the center of Ocho Rios. The specialty of this beach is that the beach is untouched by modern-day civilization; therefore, it is the ideal location getting away from the work of day-to-day life.

Grande Beach is an appealing neighborhood beach on Jamaica’s rich coasts. The beach is not far from the colonized areas of Jamaica, yet the people do not heavily inhabit it. The landscapes of Grande Beach increases the glory of it. The beach is known for white sands, plain waters and grand jerk pork stands.

Cornwall Beach is one of the most famous Jamaican beaches. The beach is located near the Montego Bay and it is surrounded by smooth, pasty, sugary sand. Physician’s Cave Beach is a popular five-mile stretch of fair sand.

Water of the sea is ideal and relaxed for swimming. The beach houses some altering spaces and a bar and it is among the perfect spots to take pleasure in vacation with your family.

Negril beaches are famous for lots of reasons. The beach is suitable for the entire household to enjoy various beach activities. Jamaican beaches have various beach activities and one should not miss out on any them while visiting the islands of West Indies.

Some significant Jamaican beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure Beach, Cornwall Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach and Mallards Beach. Travelers can delight in numerous beach activities on the beaches of Jamaica. Grande Beach is an appealing community beach on Jamaica’s abundant coasts. Cornwall Beach is one of the most popular Jamaican beaches.


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