I Spent 7,200 Chase Points at a Low-End Orlando Hotel




Sometimes we get to redeem our points and miles for aspirational travel other people can only dream of.

Other times, we redeem them for trips that are practical or downright boring.

A recent trip from Miami to Orlando I took ended with the latter situation — as in, me cashing in 7,200 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to spend five hours at the Ramada by Wyndham Suites Orlando Airport hotel. This wasn’t a planned redemption — it was one I made the day before on a whim. But it was necessary and I’m glad I did it.

Why I Love Having Extra Chase Points Laying Around

The redemption in question came about due to the weird flights I had to book into Florida for our spring break cruise on the MSC Seaside out of Miami. Flights from Indianapolis to Miami were insanely expensive and I couldn’t find any award seats I liked with my favorite airlines — American and Delta. Alas, I opted to book cheap Southwest flights early into Orlando and then a flight home from Orlando the day our ship got into port.

This also required me to get a rental SUV on both sides of our cruise, which cost a little over $200 total. The thing is, I still saved over $1,200 on flights with this strategy because Southwest flights into and out of MCO were better than flights into MIA.

Since our flight home took place the day our cruise ended, I was scared to book a departure that was too early. We had to get off the ship, after all, and I had my parents and my kids with me. We also had a 3+ hour drive up to Orlando and would need to stop for lunch. I initially figured we would just stop at a beach along the way and hang out for a few hours.

But the day before we got off the ship, I realized they wanted us to get off at 8:15 a.m. because we have Black status and that’s when our group was set to disembark. That means we could take the time to pick up our rental car, drive the three hours to Orlando, stop for lunch, and still get there at around 2:00 p.m. – EIGHT HOURS before our 10:00 p.m. flight would depart.

That wasn’t going to work, so I got on my smartphone and started figuring out a plan. This ultimately led me to book a night at less than desirable Ramada hotel for 7,200 Chase Ultimate Rewards points with my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. I could have booked something nicer, but we weren’t staying overnight. We just needed a place to hang and watch TV for a while, and this hotel was fine for that — barely, but it worked.

The Bottom Line

This is why I always strive to have extra points and miles laying around. You never know when poor planning or a change in plans can shake up your travel and leave you in a position where you need a hotel, rental car, or flight at the last minute. There’s nothing sexy about booking a cheap Orlando hotel for five hours, but it saved me $100 or more and gave us an easy way to kill some time. You can’t beat that.

Have you ever used points to spend a few hours in a hotel? When?


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How To Find The Very Best Hawaiian Beaches

basic internet search

How To Find The Very Best Hawaiian Beaches

Where did we did they find the best beaches? What beaches would they recommend? Another choice that you have includes speaking with a travel agent. If you plan to make your travel arrangements through a local travel agent, this is an excellent approach to take. Travel agents are qualified to do research on popular getaway destinations, like Hawaii. Your travel representative might already have a list helpful laying out a few of Hawaii’s best beaches.

You can likewise speak with those who you do not personally know. There are a number of online communities and message boards that are devoted to taking a trip, as well as Hawaii in general. If you do not already see a conversation on the subject of Hawaii beaches, you can start your own topic or post looking for recommendations. In keeping with using the web to discover information on Hawaii’s best beaches, you can perform a generalized standard web search.

When doing so, utilize phrases like “finest beaches in Hawaii,” or “leading Hawaii beaches.” There are a number of sites, consisting of those with travel styles, that rate attractions around the world, including the beaches of Hawaii. If you have actually already made your travel arrangements, one of those aspects must be your location. If you are visiting Maui, you may want to rather focus your searches on the finest Maui beaches. As great as it is to learn which Hawaiian beaches are the best, it is likewise essential to get specifics as well. Are you interested in browsing?

Do you know what beaches in Hawaii are known for having the supreme browsing conditions? What about snorkeling? Some Hawaii beaches are better for snorkeling or scuba diving than others are. When it comes to why you must make the effort to discover the very best Hawaii beaches, doing so can help you get the most out of your next Hawaii getaway. Why spend hours searching for the perfect beach when you can do the same research study at home and in just a few minutes?

When you understand what to anticipate, you are also less most likely to be disappointed As nice as it is to hear that you should get a list of Hawaii’s best beaches, you might be curious as to how you can go about doing so. Your travel agent may already have a list helpful laying out a few of Hawaii’s best beaches. In keeping with utilizing the internet to find details on Hawaii’s best beaches, you can carry out a generalized basic internet search.

There are a number of sites, including those with travel styles, that rate destinations around the world, including the beaches of Hawaii. As for why you ought to take the time to find the best Hawaii beaches, doing so can help you get the most out of your next Hawaii holiday.

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Finest International Beaches Guide

Antonio Gaudi
adamkontor / Pixabay

Finest international beaches guide

Vacationing at beach resembles paradise or earth for all the aqua fans and fans. The beach vacation is various from the rest where you the satisfaction to get taken in the sun and sand, experience the ups and downs with the tides and get carried away with the huge waves.

To enjoy the water and water activities there are numerous beach destinations all over the world. – The Capri Islands is an incredibly gorgeous shoreline. It has no beach yet it is considered to be among the very best amongst the international beaches. The island has “bathing facilities” in the location of beaches. It has a treasure of beach towels, beach balls, and beach bunnies. The island is popular to host the rich and facilitate them with best high-end and exotic Roman art and arc

hitecture. – Barcelona can never be neglected in the count of beach vacations. Barcelona beaches like the Bora Bora, the nude beach Platia de la Mar Bella, Platja de Sant Sebastia and Platia Barcelona one of the most popular beaches of the world, welcome visitors all around the year and from everywhere on the planet. Besides the seaside enjoyable and experience, this city of Spain is also best for sightseeing.

There are splendid museums, traditional buildings and at shows, the magnum opus of some of the fantastic designers likes Antonio Gaudi. – Bermuda has actually always excited the spirits of all the water devotees. The island is known for a few of the ravishing beaches with pink sand and greenish water, fishing activity and distinctively painted cottages and houses. Among the popular beaches of the place is the Horseshoe Bay near the southern end of the island.

This Bay is more divided into smaller coves and bays on both the sides and is also home to many good hotels, restaurants, tennis courts and golf courses. The Astwood Cove is another beach area which is surrounded by tall cliffs and beaches with many water sports and bewitching flora and animals. Apart from the beach amusement, the island offers delicious seafood and a strange lifestyle that makes your getaway a remarkable experience. –

Cancun a spontaneously budding traveler destination, likewise understood as Mayan Riviera rests on the ground of state of Mexico. Cancun is a host to some of the best beaches in the world. These beaches encourage many water sports like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, etc. –

Aruba is a Dutch island situated in the southern Caribbean Sea and is understood for being the very best household beach resort around the world. The Palm Beach in Aruba with its white sands invites young as well as the old from all over the world. Apart from water sports, the place is also a call to the golf enthusiasts to take pleasure in while exploring their skill. The weather condition of this cyclone totally free location is wonderful with an annual average temperature level that figures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is simply the tip of an iceberg for there are many more adorable beach areas like Jamaica, Negril, and Montego Bay, Saint Tropez, Italian Riviera, etc. to take pleasure in and throng as well as to take pleasure in the water and water activities there are numerous beach destinations around the world. It has no beach yet it is deemed to be one of the finest among the worldwide beaches. It has a treasure of beach towels, beach balls, and beach bunnies. Barcelona beaches like the Bora Bora, the naked beach Platia de la Mar Bella, Platja de Sant Sebastia and Platia Barcelona one of the most popular beaches of the world, invite visitors all around the year and from everywhere in the world. The Astwood Cove is another beach area which is bordered by high cliffs and beaches with many water sports and bewitching flora. An awesome place to visit.


and animals.



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Curacao’s Best Beaches

Beaches Curacao
Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Curacao’s Best Beaches

Curacao’s best beaches are famous worldwide. There are at least 40 well-known beaches in Curacao, although a number of them that are not fully developed. That is due to the fact that a lot of those beaches are small, remote and is most likely isolated from the rest.

With a wide variety of beaches that everyone can enjoy, Curacao’s finest beaches is genuinely a location to be. They all have the exact same blue-green clear water and white sands and yet you have a broad array of choice. Be it a rocky cove, remote areas, long sandy beach, there’s constantly an option depending on your mood.

Many individuals go to the beach on weekends. Here is a list of Curacao’s finest beaches and some details about them. * Mambo Beach– one of Curacao’s finest beaches. On weekends, the beach comes alive with individuals who are looking for enjoyment. The beach is teeming with activity on weekend nights. * Playa Port Marie– a beach that is ideal for family outing with its sufficient shade and complete facilities.

It has restaurants, snack bars, and even dive shops. * Caracasbaai Beach– Where locals love to swim. On this beach, you can park your automobile along the beach. * Cas Abou– among the best and most stunning beaches on Curacao. You have to drive through a sandy roadway and shrubs on the side just to arrive. Has enough trees and parasol for shade. * Zanzibar– a tourist location where you can find cots and deck chairs on the beach. Good location for simply laying on the sand where you can unwind with the music on the background. Likewise has a restaurant, a bar, and a dive shop. You can even have your drinks served on your deck chair. * Knip beach– a very secluded beach, situated totally west of the island.

There are no facilities on the beach, just at the hotel which is located simply behind the beach. Although unusual in the island, topless sunbathing is dissuaded, however, most European practice topless sunbathing. Even if it is not permitted by law, the majority of beaches permit it. If you are planning to go to Curacao. Do not dare to miss the beach.

What’s the use of going to Curacaos without visiting Curacao’s finest beaches? With a wide range of beaches that everybody can enjoy, Curacao’s finest beaches is genuinely a place to be. * Mambo Beach– one of Curacao’s best beaches. On this beach, you can park your vehicle along the beach. * Knip beach– a very secluded beach, situated completely west of the island. There are no facilities on the beach, just at the hotel which is located just behind the beach.


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Camping At California State Beaches

12019 / Pixabay

Camping At California State Beaches

California State Parks uses a total of 64 state beach facilities up and down the beautiful California coastline. Many of California’s state beaches provide outdoor camping facilities and they all offer beautiful seaside views and a large range of activities that make sure to please everybody in your household. Sonoma Coast State Beach is situated in the northern coastal area of California.

While the strong brows and rip currents of California’s northern beaches are not safe for swimmers, they offer excellent chances for surfing. A sandy beach with a handicap available boardwalk is located near the campground and summer season programs are available for kids. Wright’s Beach provides 27 camping sites along the beach with picnic tables, fire pits, and paved parking. In the San Francisco Bay area of California, Half Moon Bay State Beach lets campers experience the moderate temperatures and gorgeous sandy beaches of the San Francisco Bay through hiking, fishing, or picnicking. The 4 miles of vast beaches at Half Moon Bay consists of four beaches, a 3-mile path for walking, jogging, and biking, and a horse path. California’s main coast boasts a large variety of state beaches, offering numerous different activities and places.

El Capitan State Beach is situated simply outside of Santa Barbara and offers dubious picnicking and outdoor camping beside the El Capitan Creek. One bike path links the park to close-by Refugio State Beach, just 2.5 miles away. Los Angeles County has several state beaches with picnicking centers and trekking tracks. While most of these state beaches do not provide camping centers, they are ideal for day-journeys. Santa Monica State Beach is a lovely beach that uses shopping as well as activities like basketball, jogging, and volley ball. Orange and San Diego Counties have some of California’s best beaches for swimming and surfing.

San Clemente State Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach that extends one mile down Orange County’s coast. The beach is popular for picnics, swimming, and surfing, and the park has a readily available wi-fi connection. Wright’s Beach offers 27 campgrounds along the beach with picnic tables, fire pits, and paved parking. In the San Francisco Bay area of California, Half Moon Bay State Beach lets campers experience the moderate temperature levels and stunning sandy beaches of the San Francisco Bay through hiking, fishing, or picnicking.

The four miles of vast beaches at Half Moon Bay includes four beaches, a three-mile trail for strolling, running, and biking, and a horse trail. Santa Monica State Beach is a gorgeous beach that offers shopping as well as activities like jogging, basketball, and beach ball. San Clemente State Beach is a lovely, sandy beach that extends one mile down Orange County’s coast.


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Top Rated St. Thomas Beaches


rdailey4 / Pixabay

Top Rated St. Thomas Beaches

St. Thomas is a popular holiday location. Travelers come from all around the world simply to trip in St. Thomas. Among the many reasons that travelers pick to trip in St. Thomas is due to the fact that of the exceptional beaches. You might be wondering which beaches you need to visit if you are setting up a getaway to St. Thomas. When arranging a beach see in St. Thomas, it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration.

Below is an introduction of a few of the most popular St. Thomas beaches. Coki Point is a popular, yet little beach in St. Thomas. Coki Point is ideal for a relaxing journey to the beach. The little beach size and calm waters make Coki Point among the most popular beach destinations in St. Thomas. It is an ideal trip location for households. In addition to the beach, there is a neighboring marine park. If you are interested in visiting Coki Point, you have a number of fun activities that you can take part in. In addition to swimming, sunbathing, and playing games on the beach, you might take pleasure in boating, jet snowboarding, scuba, and snorkeling diving.

Onsite beach rentals make it possible for your do practically anything at Coki Point. Magens Bay is categorized as the very best beach in all of St. Thomas. You can easily inform that Magens Bay is a popular tourist attraction. Unlike most beaches in St. Thomas, you will be required to pay a small entry fee. Despite that entry charge, numerous people and families delight in spending the day Magens Bay. There are a number of beachside activities that you can take part in if you are interested in taking pleasure in a day at Magens Bay.

Traditional beach activities include swimming, sunbathing, and playing popular beach games along the coast. Beach activities with a touch of experience include, however, are not restricted to, snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing. Lindquist Beach is another popular beach in St. Thomas. Lindquist Beach is still considered a clean trick. Despite the truth that Lindquist beach is undeveloped, you can still participate in a variety of beachside activities. These activities consist of playing beachside sports, swimming, and sunbathing.

When swimming in Lindquist Beach it is necessary to use caution. Unlike lots of other popular beaches in St. Thomas, Lindquist Beach is not geared up with lifeguards. Secret Harbor is another popular beach located in St. Thomas. The Secret Harbor is most known for being one of the finest beaches to relax at in the area. If you are interested in going to Secret Harbor, you will find an unlimited variety of things to do. Secret Harbor is an ideal place to go diving. Onsite dive rental shops make it possible for you to take part in this interesting undersea experience. In addition to diving, you can take pleasure in sunbathing, swimming, popular beach video games, or you can just sit by the shoreline and see the world go by.

The above-discussed beaches are simply a few of the numerous that you will discover in St. Thomas. If one thing is for sure, there is not a shortage of beaches on the island. All of the beaches mentioned above are not considered resort beaches. While visiting different St. Thomas beaches, you might discover that many beaches remain in front of a resort. In spite of being directly in front of personal resorts, you should still have the ability to visit the beaches.

To make the most out beaching in St. Thomas, you are motivated to analyze what each beach needs to provide. By thinking about the area of beaches and the onsite activities that are offered, you can easily find the best beach or beaches to spend the day.

The small beach size and calm waters make Coki Point one of the most popular beach destinations in St. Thomas. Traditional beach activities include swimming, sunbathing, and playing popular beach games along the coast. Lindquist Beach is another popular beach in St. Thomas. Unlike lots of other popular beaches in St. Thomas, Lindquist Beach is not equipped with lifeguards. While going to numerous St. Thomas beaches, you may discover that numerous beaches are in front of a resort.

Eagle Beach

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The Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Wonder

adventure right online

The Great Barrier Reef is a true wonder of the sea

Coral reefs are actually produced by living organisms that live in the water. The structures are quite beautiful and come in an array of colors and shapes. They are found mostly as stony corals. The reason that the Great Barrier Reef is so rough and stone-like is because of the way it is formed.

Some sea creatures release an exoskeleton made of limestone. The exoskeleton is a—well—skeleton that the sea creature wears on their exteriors. It is kind-of like a shell of sorts that gets sloughed off and deposited in the ocean to create the Great Barrier Reef. The result is a beautiful underwater composition that is nothing short of breathtaking.

The very notion that the Great Barrier Reef is comprised partially of skeletal deposits is enough to make you scratch your head in amazement. However, the fact that this underwater system can be seen from outer space is almost beyond comprehension. That is, until you consider the number.

There are about 3,000 different reefs that span an amazing 1,616 miles in length. Those numbers are interesting but consider that this system also covers nearly 133 thousand, yes thousand, miles. I guess that something like this would be visible from space even if it is under water.

So how can you witness the wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef yourself? There are a few options to consider. The first is a real no-brainer. Take a vacation that will lead you there in person. Why not take on the adventure of seeing the world’s largest structure created by living organisms?

There is no better way to experience something than in person. A vacation planned around the Great Barrier Reef is one of dreams. There are countless sites to see and there are plenty of options to consider with this amazing holiday getaway. Start planning for some fun and adventure right online.

Not ready for the trip? Why not browse through beautiful images of the Great Barrier Reef on the Internet? These images can be downloaded or you may even find stunning prints that you can order. If you can’t go there, you can always bring the Great Barrier Reef into your home.

Barney's Barrier Reef

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70+ Restaurants Around the World That Give You Free Food

70+ Restaurants Around the World That Give You Free Food

If seeing an XXL burger makes you scream, “Challenge accepted!” and your birthday is nothing without a freebie sundae, keep scrolling. Get ready to fill your Instagram feed with delicious free dishes from all around the world. There are plenty of places ready to serve you free stuff.

At Love Beach Travel we are all about pampering our readers and making the best of each moment, especially when it comes to food. So, if you consider yourself a foodie, it’s time to track down your next tasty visit.



  • Hwy 55: If this guy looks happy to you it’s because he’s entering the Big “A” Burger Challenge. If you can manage to finish this burger, your name will go on their website, and your meal will be free.
  • Chompie’s: Finish the Ultimate Challenge at Chompie’s and it’s free. Oh! You’ll also get a winner’s t-shirt.
  • Baja Fresh: Sign up for Baja’s newsletter and get a free taco and a tortilla for your birthday.
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill: You get free nachos with the purchase of any drink and a free burrito every year on your birthday, just for signing up for the Moe’s Rewards program.
  • bd’s Mongolian Grill: bd’s wants you to enjoy your birthday with a free meal on your special day. Also, if you sign up for My bd’s rewards you get $5 off any order.
  • Rubio’s: Get a free taco by joining their Beach Club.
  • Raising Cane’s: Get a Caniac Club Card now and you can order a free box combo as soon as you can get there.
  • Carvel: Buy one, get one free at Carvel’s by signing up for their promotions.
  • Schlotzksy’s: A small classic sandwich can be yours, just download the guest rewards app.
  • LaMar’s Donuts: Join the LaMar’s rewards program and on your birthday your breakfast is free. Plus, a free donut and coffee are yours just by joining.
  • Tre Ragazzi’s Italian Cafe: If you a true Italian food-lover, then attempting the 6 lb Colossal Calzone Challenge at the Glencoe, Alabama location of Tre Ragazzi’s Italian Cafe should be your next undertaking.
  • Seiad Valley Store and Café: Eat 5 pounds of pancakes with syrup and butter in 2 hours and your meal is totally free.
  • San Francisco Creamery: If you finish the Kitchen Sink Sundae in less than 30 minutes, not only will it be free, but you’ll also get free ice cream for a year.
  • Denny’s: Get a free breakfast at Denny’s on your birthday. Join the club, get your ID ready, and it’s yours.
  • Dunn Brothers Coffee: Get their app and order a coffee, and a free $3 credit is yours, plus an extra $5 toward your birthday cake.
  • Qdoba: Qdoba makes it easy to get a free order of chips and salsa or a regular drink: Sign up — get 20 points in Qdoba Rewards — and you’ve earned it!
  • Yogurtland: Decide to join Yogurtland Real Rewards and the first 3 oz of your frozen yogurt are free.
  • Bruegger’s Bagels: Sign up at Bruegger’s Bagels and get a free bagel with cream cheese.
  • Cinnabon: Join Club Cinnabon now and you’re on your way to a free minibon roll.
  • Corner Bakery: A free sweet bakery treat is yours if you join the Corner Bakery eClub.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Become a member of the Buffalo family and get a coupon for a free treat.
  • au Jo’s: If you can successfully the finish 14er Challenge at Beau Jo’s in under one hour, then you deserve to have it for free.
  • Coldstone Creamery: Join Coldstone Creamery’s eClub, and get a buy one, get one free creation on your birthday.
  • Earl of Sandwich: Join the Earl Club and get $5 off any purchase.
  • Lucille’s Smokehouse: Become a Preferred Guest at Lucille’s Smokehouse and get a free appetizer or dessert on your birthday and a free $5 off coupon when you join.
  • Rock Bottom Brewery: Following their motto, “Visit More, Rock Harder,” Rock Bottom Brewery offers you $10 off your first visit as a Rock Rewards member.
  • Uncle Julio’s Mexican: A free tableside guacamole is yours when you join their rewards program.
  • La Madeleine: Join the La Madeleine family and a free cup of soup or a petite salad is yours.
  • Arby’s: A free signature sandwich at Arby’s comes with the purchase of a drink, all you have to do is sign up.
  • Don Pablo’s: A free cantina nachos is yours just for joining the Habaneros Club. You’ll also get a $10 coupon to spend on your birthday meal and one more for your 9th visit.
  • Gold Star Chili: You can get free Regular 3-Way with the purchase of another Regular 3-Way just for joining the Gold Star Chili Family.

70+ Restaurants Around the World That Give You Free Food

  • Jp Bombers: 48 oz Burger: 6 patties, 6 slices of cheese, and chopped bacon throughout, a platter of tots, and their house special JP Bombers which are 1/4 lb balls of sliced jalapenos, shredded cheddar, and thick chopped bacon rolled into firm balls, breaded, and then fried… It’s free if you can finish it all fast.
  • Lucky’s Sandwich: At Lucky’s you have 30 minutes to finish 3 sandwiches. You can choose from: roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, capicola, smoked turkey, ham, Cajun chicken, The Fredo, The Two Bagger, or salami, plus toppings. If you can finish in the short timeframe, you get all 3 sandwiches on the house.
  • Auntie Anne’s: On National Pretzel Day, Auntie Anne’s offers free pretzels and if you download their app before you go, you’ll also get a free pretzel after your first purchase.
  • Joe’s Crab Shack: Things are simple here: sign up and get a free appetizer.
  • Red Mango: Become a Red Mango Fanaddict, join their rewards program now, and receive a $2 coupon off your next purchase.
  • Bravo! Cucina Italiana: Join myBRAVO! and you’ll get a free appetizer along with a yummy treat for your birthday.
  • Del Taco: Aside from the 2 free grilled chicken tacos just for signing up for Del Taco’s raving fan club, a free milkshake is also waiting for you on your birthday.
  • Village Inn: Sign up and a free welcome offer is all yours.
  • Cotton Patch Cafe: The Cotton Patch eClub is generous when it comes to free food. You get a free appetizer just for joining, a special free dessert for your birthday, and a free entree on your anniversary.
  • Desperados Mexican Restaurant: If you can’t decide between a bowl of queso bandito or an order of guacamole, just join the Desperados eClub and you’ll get them both for free.
  • Gusano’s Chicago-Style Pizzeria: The massive 30″ Pizza Challenge at Gusano’s Chicago-Style Pizzeria is really something every pizza lover dreams of. If you can finish it fast, it’s free.
  • On the Border: Join the Club Cantina and a free bowl of Signature Queso or an order of Sopapillas will be yours on your next visit.
  • FATZ Cafe: Get a $5 off coupon on every order just by joining the FATZ family.
  • Daruma Restaurant: Celebrate your birthday at Daruma’s and get a $20 off coupon for any entree when you spend $88 or more.
  • Backyard Burgers: If you love burgers and deals, sign up at Backyard Burger’s website. You get a free Back Yard Classic Burger just by signing up.
  • Acapulco: Sign up and a free appetizer with the purchase of 2 adult entrees is yours.
  • Taco Cabana: Become part of the TC family and get a free small quesadilla just by signing up.
  • Chili’s: A free chips & salsa or a non-alcoholic beverage for you if you join the Chili’s Rewards program. A birthday present is also waiting for you on your special day.
  • Au Bon Pain: Get a free travel mug when you join and a special surprise on your birthday.
  • Gordon Biersch: The Gordon Biersch Family welcomes you with a free $10 coupon on their gift card if you join their Passport Rewards program.
  • Clinton Station Diner: If you and your gang can finish the 50-pound Mt. Olympus Burger in 3 hours, it’s free.
  • Kelsey’s Steak & Seafood: Try the 6-pound Challenge at Kelsey’s Steak & Seafood with a 96-ounce top sirloin steak, a baked potato, a small house salad or soup, and one slice of bread, it’s free if you can manage to eat it all in one hour.
  • Black Angus Steakhouse: The Prime Club offers you a free dessert when joining and purchasing an entree. Plus, a free steak dinner with an entree purchase is waiting for you on your birthday.
  • Boston Market: The Boston Market VIP Club offers you a $3 off coupon on a purchase of $10 when you join.
  • Culver’s: At Culver’s you get a free value basket with the purchase of another value basket when you join their Club.
  • Orange Julius: Join the Julius family and get one drink free with every drink you purchase.
  • Country Kitchen: When you’re a member of the Country Kitchen Club, a coupon for a free meal is sent to you on the week of your birthday.
  • Bakers Square: A welcome email with a coupon for 20% off will come to your inbox immediately after you sign up for the Bakers Square eClub.
  • Friendly’s: Join the Friendly’s BFF Club and a free birthday sundae is waiting for you on your special day.
  • El Torito: Sign up for their Club and get a free appetizer with 2 adult entrees.
  • Checkers: A free large fry is yours with any purchase as soon as you join the Checkers’ Flavorhood.
  • TCBY: Tasty treats, up to a $5 value, are waiting for you just by downloading and referring the TCBY App to a friend. Plus, when it’s your birthday month, you’re in for a special treat.

Other countries

  • T.G.I. Friday’s: Sign up today for T.G.I. Friday’s Rewards Program and get a TGI treat with your first order, plus a gorgeous dessert is offered to you for free during your birthday month.
  • Which Wich: If you love Which Wich, you should know that they love you back and a free drink is yours if you sign up for their Vibe Club.
  • PretzelMaker: Join the PretzelMaker fan club and a free pretzel reward is in your near future.
  • Marble Slab Creamery and Maggie Moo’s: Get a $5 reward once you sign up and make your first purchase using their app. Sweet treats and rewards are offered during special holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  • Bruxie: A $5 coupon is yours just for signing up and you also get a special treat for your birthday at Bruxie’s.
  • The Melting Pot: Sign up for Club Fondue, and you’ll receive a complimentary box of 6 of their Signature Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with a purchase of $60 or more.
  • Starbucks: A free beverage of your choice is on Starbucks for your birthday.
  • C.B. & Potts: At C.B. & Potts you’ll get a mud pie for free just by joining their club.
  • The Breakfast Club: The famous restaurant launches its “Pancake Challenge” every now and then where a stack of pancakes is yours for free if you can eat it in 12 minutes.

What is your next food challenge gonna be? We are craving to see pictures of your smiling faces when you get all your freebies. How about combining your next travel destination with one of these free treats? Share your experience in the comment section below and if you know of more places in your country that have amazing freebies or unbelievable challenges, let us know and we’ll add them to our list.

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