St. Thomas In The Beautiful Virgin Islands

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St. Thomas, Virgin Island

Summary: St. Thomas, Virgin Island of the United States has full of activities to keep your vacation the best ever.

The US Virgin Islands has three main lands namely; St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of US Virgin Island is named after a Danish Queen and is the most popular cruise port in the Caribbean. It is where the ship docks and the white and bright colored houses are heavily sprinkled against a background of emerald hills. Colorful sloops dock along the waterfront, and a few steps back, down alleyways lined with old Danish warehouse buildings is a world-famous shopping center-Duty Free.

Many vacationers explore St. Thomas for its shopping centers, beaches, and historical places. Exploring Charlotte Amalie is a rewarding experience and can easily be done by foot. In addition, St. Thomas, Virgin Island, offers a lot of activities to keep the vacationers busy everyday. You can have an aerial tour or go under the sea for scuba diving, go for shopping, or simply enjoy the sun in the island’s beautiful beaches.

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While visiting St. Thomas, Virgin Island you can take a glimpse into the historical places like Fort Christian, Legislature Building, Emancipation Park, Grand Hotel, Lutheran Church, A Note On Government Hill, Hotel 1829, and the 99 Steps. There are also new attractions at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands like; Atlantis Submarine, Coral World Ocean Park, Skyride to Paradise Point, Bluebeard’s Café and Frederiksberg, Nisky Moravian Church, Drake’s Seat, Mountain Top, Tillet Gardens, Frenchtown, and Red Hook.

Who could ever take the beaches out of the vacationers’ itinerary? St. Thomas also has plenty of beautiful beaches in the US Virgin Islands. Here are some of the famous beaches of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: Linderg Bay, Coki Point, Morningstar, Magens Bay, Bluebeards beach, Turtle Cove, Sugar Bay, Secret Harbor, Limetree Beach, Sapphire Beach, Bolongo Bay, Hull Bay, Brewers Bay, Cowpet Bay, Water Bay, and Mandahl Bay.

Check out all these beautiful white-sand-beaches because they also offer all the water sports that you can think of to surely enjoy your craving for water activities. There are actually boat rentals and day charters if you want to enjoy the sea away from the crowd.

Aside from the water activities such as; snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, parasailing, surfing, windsurfing & kite surfing, jet skis and kayak rentals, there are a lot of things you can do to enjoy your vacation at St. Thomas like; hiking, island hopping, golf, tennis, horseback riding, biking, casino gaming, cultural and local events, or even spa relaxation.

The many things that the island has to offer for your enjoyment will surely make your stay as memorable as you can imagine. You will not have any dull moments on this island because wherever you set your sights on, you can not stop yourself the from indulging.


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