What A Wonderful Way To Experience The British Virgin Islands! On A BVI Yacht Charters

BVI Yacht Charters – What A Way To Experience The British Virgin Islands!

BVI Yacht Charters is a company that operates sailing charters to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The sailing yachts range from 32 to 65 feet in length and include bareboat single hull and multihull boats. With BVI you also have a choice of operating the yachts on your own, hiring a full crew or just a captain. There are also all-inclusive BVI yacht charters, which will give you the impression you are vacationing at a floating resort.

sailing boat, mastes, rigging
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As soon as you cast off from the dock, your adventure with BVI yacht charters begins. You can experience the thrill of sunbathing on deck, feeling the warm wind blowing in your face and the sights and sounds of the Caribbean islands. When you choose one of the BVI sailing charters with a full crew, you also have many other choices to make. The website will give you lists for you to choose from, such as what meals you want aboard the boat. You can also choose what you want in a Starter Kit if you are choosing a bareboat charter. With the many things that BVI can supply for you, you have less luggage to take with you and you can just have all the extras added to the price.

Even if you intend to bring everything with you for the yacht charter, taking a look at the list of provisions on the BVI Yacht Charters website will give you an excellent idea of what you will need. For example, if you like to barbeque, you may not realize that you do need to have your own coals, fluid and matches with you. Since you are on the water with BVI sailing charters, you just can’t pop to the store whenever you realize that you need supplies. You will have to wait until you reach your next destination.

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For all-inclusive BVI Yacht Charters, you can order the kind of wine and drinks you want before you even arrive. This is because unlike a resort, everything you need for the perfect vacation has to be packed on board the sailing yacht. When you book one of the BVI sailing charters, you fly to St. Thomas and then take a ferry to Tortola. This is the starting destination for the yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands. There are also hotels in Tortola where you can spend the night before you leave on the yacht charter or the night after you return.

Before you actually depart on your charter, BVI Yacht Charters will brief you on how to use the charts on board the yachts for navigating the Caribbean waters. They will also give you advice on what to do and what not to do as well as places that you should avoid. When you do book a BVI sailing charter, the anchorage fees are included in the cost, but you can also buoys at various locations if you do not want to enter a port. BVI Yacht Charters has a well-established reputation for providing its customers with everything they need in a sailing charter.


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Virgin Island Popular Resorts

Popular Resorts in US Virgin Islands

beach, coast, island
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There are plenty of resorts in US Virgin Islands to choose from and are waiting for your arrival on these islands. Each has different styles and designs to suit your taste and you can count on the comfort and security they will provide you with. Almost all of the resorts in US Virgin Islands are privately owned, it is expected to be well taken care of and that it has world class amenities.

The following are some of the luxurious resorts in US Virgin Islands:
Buccaneer Hotel Beach .Many luxurious swimming facilities, tropical cocktails, gourmet food and exquisite shade Non-guests are charged entrance; however, rafts and beach chairs are up for rentals;
Buck Island- Turtle Beach located northeast coast of St. Croix. Its famous Underwater Snorkel Trail gives a close- up view of aquatic life like colorful fish, interesting corals even turtles.
Davis Bay Beach- This beautiful beach is part of Carambola resort complex but it’s open to the public. At Davis Bay, the dense forest forms a fascinating backdrop against winding shoreline. It is the most scenic spots of St. Croix and offer some of the island’s snorkeling;
Grapetree Beach- This beach is home to the Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino. This popular area boasts shade, a superb stretch of white sandy beach, resort amenities and calm protected waters.
Club St. Croix Beach and Tennis Resort- Casual and welcoming, cozy suites with balconies overlooking a 1000ft. palm studded beach. Activities counter arranges shopping, golf, sightseeing and more.
Colony Cove Beach Resort- Families and couples alike love these affordable beachfront suites. You have a choice of ocean or flowering gardens. There is the Antilles Advantage of two full baths.
Point Pleasant Resort- There are two beaches, 3 pools, award- winning dining, and extraordinary views. There are suites, villas, with room for 2- 6 guests for all your accommodation needs.
Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina- This is one of the luxury resorts in US Virgin Islands. You will love this undeniably gorgeous beach. It has a multi-level pool, beautiful casual Caribbean furnishings and it is perfect spot for romance.
The Anchorage Beach Resort – This is one of the resorts in US Virgin Islands that has a private club atmosphere because it’s just beside St. Thomas Yacht Club. The courtyard is in garden-like setting, it also has tennis courts, beach and pool.
Crystal Cove Beach Resort – Have a relaxing walk at the beautiful shorelines to experience the wonders of nature. This is a great value with its comfortable and spacious suites.
Sapphire Village Resort at Sapphire Beach – Stretch out your travel budget. Relax on your private balcony to take advantage of easy access to the resort’s amenities or you can enjoy the spectacular view from hillside.

bora bora, island, caribbean
Julius_Silver (CC0), Pixabay

Caneel Bay- This sandy, crescent shaped beach offers a peaceful heaven with stylish trendy amenities. You can mix with people in a laid- back atmosphere. Drinks and food can be expensive but the exclusive ambience offered at this Rosewood property is well worth it.
Cinnamon Bay- This is a National Park campground with superb beach. It has a full-range of facilities and services for day visitors. A concessionaire rents windsurfing equipment, kayaks and mountain bikes. Across the road from the campground is the Cinnamon Bay Self-Guided Nature Trail.
Francis Bay- Facilities are not too many in this resort in US Virgin Islands but you can have the pleasure to enjoy the crystal clear waters and superb view of the nearby British Virgin Islands. There is also a well-marked Leinster Bay Trail around the bend to Watermelon Cay
Great Cruz Bay- This 282-room Westin St. John Resorts and Villas are set on a crescent-shaped beach on Great Cruz Bay. The interesting complex offers guestrooms, suites, townhouses, and vacation villas. You might want to stop for a cocktail and check out the big waterfall pool. The Great Cruz Bay resort in US Virgin Islands also features four dining and entertainment facilities, snorkeling, other water sports, and a full fitness center, and more.
Hawksnest Beach- This little and quite paradise has a crystal blue waters like other beaches. It’s smaller and peaceful compared to the neighboring resorts in US Virgin Islands. Beautiful tropical trees that provides beautiful surroundings

These are just among the many beautiful resorts in the US Virgin Islands. There are also beaches that are open to the public to enjoy. The beaches that are listed above may only differ in facilities, services, and pricing abut they all have what tourists wanted. They will be visited again and by their patrons who fell in love with the Island


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St. Croix a beautiful Place To Dive

Diving In St. Croix

What do you do upon realizing it’s been more than a year since your last dive trip, and you’re itching to get wet again? After kicking yourself of course? Well the obvious answer is to drop what you’re doing and go diving.

So I took my own advice and have just returned from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where my son and I pretty much dived our brains out for about a week. We also ate some great food, saw much of the island, and chilled out on our balcony overlooking the ocean.

So why St. Croix? Well, why not? For one, I hadn’t been there yet, and prefer diving new locations. But I also have a friend who used to work there as a divemaster, and I figured on getting some insider perspective. After a few email exchanges with him, and scouting the web, I found all I needed to get everything booked.

Considering how “last minute” the planning was, the trip came off smoothly. There were only a few parameters to consider, namely that I wanted to do it cheap and get in a lot of diving – at least 2 tanks a day. Oh, and I wanted to eat some fresh shrimp.

dive, diver, scuba
arhnue (CC0), Pixabay

The best diving on St. Croix, is on the famous “Wall” that runs along the north shore for about 7 miles or so. With this in mind I found lodging at a small, 9 room hotel at Cane Bay which is just west of the mid-point of the north side. As luck would have it, one of the best restaurants on island is also located on the same property.

The hotel is built right on the shore, which is rocky at that point, and all rooms face the ocean. The views are outstanding with St. Thomas and St. John visible on the horizon, and the ever-present sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. Within a half mile are a couple more excellent places to eat, as well as the dive shop we used which is right across from the beach at Cane Bay.

I highly recommend obtaining a rental car for getting around the island. It’s far less hassle than relying on taxi’s and because there’s lots to see, will save money in the long run. The best way is to arrange the rental beforehand so it’s waiting for you upon arrival.

This worked great for us, as there was a representative waiting outside baggage claim when we arrived holding a placard with our name on it. Just signed some papers and left. Upon departure, I parked at the airport, locked the keys inside and left it.

As for where to dive – definitely the north shore “Wall”. Several sites are an easy swim from the beach – maybe 200 yards out, then drop down over the wall which starts at about 50′ and drops to 3200′. Keep an eye to the north where you might see the occasional black-tip shark, manta, or spotted eagle ray swim by.

Also make sure you dive Salt River where the wall has giant coral heads, some caves, and huge swim-throughs. The reef is healthy, vibrant, and full of all kinds of marine life. I saw several stands of black coral, and an unusual number of trunkfish there.

diving, ocean, sea
kormandallas (CC0), Pixabay

While the north wall is awesome, there are a couple places to note on the west end that are also “must do” dives. One is the wrecks. Actually 2 sites – the deeper one has a tug and a vehicle ferry setting about 100′ down. Lots of growth, but the structures stand out clearly – especially the wheelhouse on the tug, and makes for a super photo shot.

Also on the west end is the Frederiksted Pier, which runs a few hundred yards out, and is one of the fishiest places I’ve seen. The debris on the bottom and the pilings are home to all sorts of critters, including banded coral shrimp and spider crabs by the dozen.

You’re likely to get “inked” after startling an octopus trying to blend into the background as you swim by, or watch them turning colors while hiding in some of the oddest places. The funniest was this little guy holed up in what appeared to be the top of a broken wine bottle.

There’s lots more to see and do on St. Croix, including some interesting history. It’s readily apparent from the dozens of old windmills, that sugar plantations once covered the island, and supported a very different economy from today.


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Life And Travel In The British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Travel and Life

Wondering where to go? In the Caribbean travel and life, that is no big problem. Just scroll down below to find whatever it is you are looking for – balmy weather, clear blue skies, glorious seas, luxurious lodgings, fine food, sports, sights, entertainment, even lazy days for lovers, all under the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

girl, young woman, boat
silviarita (CC0), Pixabay

Textual Map

Well, it’s a bit difficult to describe the Caribbean in geographic terms. Just know that the region is actually a group of islands, territories, and countries located just south and east of the Gulf of Mexico and right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The following are the islands that are favorite Caribbean travel and life destinations since time immemorial:

* Anguilla
* Antigua and Barbuda
* Aruba
* The Bahamas
* Belize
* Barbados
* Bermuda
* Bonaire
* British Virgin Islands
* Cancun
* Cayman Islands
* Cozumel
* Cuba
* Curacao
* Dominica
* Dominican Republic
* Grenada
* Guyana
* Guadeloupe
* Haiti
* Honduras
* Jamaica
* Martinique
* Montserrat
* Puerto Rico
* Saba and St. Eustatius
* St. Barthelemy
* St. Kitts-Nevis
* St. Lucia
* St. Maarten and St. Martin
* St. Vincent and the Grenadines
* Trinidad and Tobago
* Turks and Caicos Island
* U.S. Virgin Islands

phone, blank, mobile
jyliagorbacheva (CC0), Pixabay


There are many exciting activities available to you throughout the Caribbean. In fact, this is one of the reason why Caribbean travel and life is so popular among visiting tourists. Because when you are on the islands, it doesn’t matter who or what you are – the islands always have something to offer for everyone.

Caribbean travel and life offer all-inclusive resorts where you can enjoy everything for a single price. One of the popular places that offer all-inclusive Caribbean travel and life is Sandals, located in the Castries area of the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.

The resort offers two properties – St. Lucia Regency Golf Resort and Spa, a couples-only resort of over 200 acres of rolling hills and a beautiful half-mile beach, and the Sandals Halcyon, another couples-only resort. Sandals Caribbean travel and life all-inclusive packages are geared towards awesome beaches, a great scuba-diving program, water sports, and fitness centers.

If you like casino gaming, Caribbean travel and life offers you that as well. Head on over to Belize, Puerto Rico, Jamaica where the groovy beats of the island makes for an excellent island-flavored nightlife. Play a game of chance and feel like you’re in Las Vegas as you pit fortunes with the house and maybe win a few chips here and there over a round of roulette. Then quench your thirst with a few glasses of sparklies as you laugh and talk and socialize to your heart’s content.

Besides fun and socializing, Caribbean travel and life also offers you a chance to get closer to nature. The Caribbean offers several eco-tourism where a guide takes you into the deepest rainforest reservoir where you can experience first hand some of the rarest and oldest species of flora and fauna found on earth.

Other activities you can enjoy in a Caribbean travel and life include:

* Children’s programs
* Cuisine
* Golf
* Health and fitness spas
* Meeting and conventions
* Participation sports
* Sailing and charter boats
* Scuba diving
* Spectator sports
* Water sports
* Weddings and honeymoons

Caribbean island

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Yacht Charter Adventures In The Virgin Islands, Sail In Paradise

Sail In Paradise – Yacht Charter Adventures In The Virgin Islands

Looking for a relaxing and adventurous get-a-way in a paradise setting? Why not consider dropping anchor in the sizzling blue waters of the Virgin Islands aboard your own private, crewed Yacht Charter? The Virgin Islands are an archipelago of over 40 islands, islets and cays lying to the east of Puerto Rico in the Northeast Caribbean. This enticing destination offers its visitors the opportunity of exploring both U.S. and British islands. While Sailing in the U.S. Virgin Islands, featured islands might include St. Thomas with its bustling harbor, busy cruise ship docks, and abundance of world-class shops. Meanwhile, St. John, its U.S. neighbor lying 2 miles to the east, offers its visitors something completely different with 80% of its land protected within a pristine national park. Here, visitors can wander through Cruz Bay, its one quaint town, hike numerous trails, or explore an abundance of dazzling white sand beaches.

The British Virgin Islands are typically the highlight of a Yacht Charter as these islands offer its visitors the perfect blend of remoteness and Caribbean charm. Guests that have the opportunity of discovering this destination via Sailing in the Virgin Islands aboard a Yacht Charter soon discover why the British Virgin Islands have come to be known as “Natures Little Secret”. While the main island of Tortola offers a central hub, variety of shops, and convenient airport, a majority of any Yacht Charter will be spent island-hopping through the remote outer islands of Norman, Peter, Salt, Cooper, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. The uniqueness of this vacation lies in the ability to set sail to a new island destination each day, each with its own unique character and charm.

sea, yacht, boat
mandarinMD (CC0), Pixabay

While Sailing in the Virgin Islands, charter guests may opt to: snorkel the Caves at Norman Island, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” – visit a world-class resort on Peter Island or take in breath-taking views from its many hiking trails – dive or snorkel above the RMS Rhone, just off Salt Island, one of the most spectacular wreck dives in the Caribbean and the setting for the movie “The Deep” watch a remarkable Cooper Island sunset from the deck of your yacht explore “the Bath’s” on Virgin Gorda – huge granite boulders set amongst crystal-clear blue waters and powder white beaches – a must see for any Virgin Island visitor – take an exhilarating sail out to Anegada and walk its endless beaches – and finally, guests may enjoy a toast to the vacation of a lifetime at “Foxy’s Tamarind Bar” the world-famous beach bar on Jost Van Dyke!

Sailing in the Virgin Islands aboard a Yacht Charter is not only surprisingly affordable, but it also serves as an ideal vacation destination for a wide variety of groups. A Yacht Charter in the Virgin Islands is generally referred to as an “all inclusive” vacation where food, beverage, standard bar, the yacht, the professional crew, and onboard water toys are included in the rate. In addition, whether your Yacht Charter group consists of several friends, a group of couples, or a family grouping, Sailing in the Virgin Islands offers something for everyone. After all, the Virgin Islands are touted as the sailing capital of the Caribbean due to the constant trade winds and the close proximity of the islands to one another. These ideal conditions create the perfect backdrop for first-time charterers in search of protected waters and relaxing coves, as well as more experienced sailors in search of daily adventure and of course the perfect sail!

Sailing in the Virgin Islands aboard a Yacht Charter provides an exciting and unique experience for those that choose to discover it. Visitors may choose from a wide variety of featured yachts, including monohulls (traditional sailboats), catamarans and power yachts. Yacht charters provide a luxurious yet intimate setting by a professional crew whose sole desire is to cater to their guests every whim! Private onboard Chefs take great pride in tailoring a gourmet menu based upon each group’s specific preferences and dietary requirements. Professional Charter Captain’s are happy to teach the basics of sailing, let guests take the helm, and share their stories of the high seas. In addition, guests on a Yacht Charter can choose to be as active or laid-back as they like. An abundance of activities await guests, typically including sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, waterskiing, shopping, beachcombing, and perhaps diving. You’ll never run out of things to do while Sailing in the Virgin Islands. However, guests may choose to sit back, relax, take in the splendid view at each new destination, and leave the responsibilities to their professional Captain and crew.

croatia, sea, adria
kalmarfoto (CC0), Pixabay

The best time to sail in the Virgin Islands on a Yacht Charter is from early November through late June as this is the typical charter season for most yachts. Many yachts also charter in the months of July and October as these months fall outside of peak hurricane season in the tropics. It should be noted that the most popular yachts fill their charter calendars well in advance so it is recommended that a Yacht Charter vacation is booked at least 6 months in advance.


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While Sailing These Are Must See Places

Places To Go During Your Caribbean Sailing Vacation

There are many places to see when you decide to go on a Caribbean sailing vacation. After all, the area itself comprises more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays. You just have to rent a boat or tell the skipper that this is where you want to go. By choosing to rent a bare boat or a chartering a crewed vessel, you will be able to practice your sailing skills.

The sailing capital of the Caribbean is the British Virgin Islands. With consistent trade winds blowing from the northeast at 10 to 25 knots, clear water and about 60 islands and cays to explore in an area that’s 32 miles long and 15 miles wide.

If you want to start your vacation here, go to Tortola that happens to be the largest island where many operators are available to rent bareboat craft or crewed yachts, depending on your skills and interests.

But to get here, it is best to book with a private plane charter to avoid several connections in order to get there. One event you shouldn’t miss when you are here is the BVI Spring Regatta where 100 yachts compete as part of the events in the three-day festival.

beach, dominican republic, caribbean
MustangJoe (CC0), Pixabay

There is also St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands. Here, the wind comes from the northeast and blows at 10 to 25 knots. Most of the islands here are undeveloped so you can drop anchor and do some sunbathing while the rest can go and have a picnic. You can also do some shopping in town where spice market is known for its pervasive fragrances.

Another group of islands that is worth seeing is the Bahamas just 100 miles of the coast of Florida. Here, you are surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Abaco is the major centre here for yacht charters and from here, you can check out Andros Island, Cat Island, Crooked Island, Long Island, Mayaguana San Salvador Island or Nassau that are make up just a few of the 700 islands.

Don’t forget the islands of the French West Indies which includes Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin and St. Barts. The winds here are between 10 to 20 knots and the best time to sail in these parts is between December and April which also happens to be the dry season.

Fort-de-France in Martinique is one of the Caribbean’s loveliest bays, and of the island’s several marinas, Le Marin’s Port de Plaisance is the island’s biggest and best-equipped.

If you think about it, any of these places is a good starting point to start your Caribbean sailing vacation given that millions of tourists visit this place every year.

This makes this island paradise is ideal for everyone as there are packages available for couples, honeymooners and adult only so you just have to mention which one you want to avail of. These are often posted in magazines and a lot of them are available online which means it won’t be long before you find a package that suits your budget.

caribbean, sunset, summer
gregovish (CC0), Pixabay

But apart from the different places you can go, don’t forget to indulge yourself in some of the activities that you can do. These include snorkeling, board water sports, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking and scuba diving.

You will just have to borrow the equipment if you don’t happen to have any of these as part of your luggage.

If you don’t like large crowds, never plan your Caribbean sailing vacation during the peak months. This will also save you money as the rates will also go down.

British Virgin Islands

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Natures Little Secrects, The British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands: The Nature’s Little Secrets

The British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It consists of over 50 islands and cays located in the Caribbean, to the east of Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Originally, it is a part of the Dutch Empire but the islands are acquired by Britain in 1972. The Islands names were named after Saint Ursula by Christopher Columbus. The largest islands of the group are Tortola, Virgin Goda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. Road Town in Tortola is the capital of the British Virgin Islands and it is the largest town.

Tortola is offers a variety of exciting vacation possibilities. The powdery-white- sand beaches, lush green mountains, and a sheltered yacht-filled harbor distinguish the island of Tortola. This island is also known for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even horseback riding. There are lots of things you can do on this island. Or you can roam through the hundred-year old ruins such as the fort George, Dungeon, Fort Recovery, the Mount Healthy Windmill, and Callwood’s Rum Distillery, which is still in operation. You might as well explore Tortola’s history at the BVI Folk Museum in Road Town.

spring bay, virgin gorda, british virgin islands
jah9teen (CC0), Pixabay

The main street of Road Town, the capital of British Virgin Islands, has an array of shops and restaurants. The cuisine of Torltola reflects the island’s mixture of culture whether it’s a four-star dinner or a delicious West Indian roti. Local delicacies such as fresh lobsters, spicy goat, curries, conch, and Johnny cakes make each meal unforgettable.

This island has an African and Indian heritage; trace its Spanish history at the ruins at Little Fort National Park. The island’s shape of a reclining woman was what made Christopher Columbus name it Virgin Gorda, which means the “Fat Virgin”. This is the second larges island of the British Virgin Islands and it measures 8 ½ square miles. Travelers are drawn to Virgin Goda aside from the pure beauty of the island but also for its yacht clubs, safe ports, quiet coves, and luxury resorts. If you wanted more private moments, your privacy is ensured at one of Virgin Gorda’s deserted pristine beaches such as Savannah Bay, Pond Bay, Devil’s Bay, Mahoe Bay, and Spring Bay.

The activities on this island include; snorkeling, hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, sun bathing, dining, scuba diving, shopping, picnicking and many more.

bvi, british virgin islands, sailing
patteybleecker (CC0), Pixabay

Jost Von Dyke is said to have been named after an early Dutch settler, a former pirate. At There are safe and protected docks and beache shaded with coconut palms and seagrape trees at Great Harbour, Little Harbour, and White Bay. Restaurants, bars, and small shops selling local treasures are worth more than just a glance.

Jost Von Dyke is an island of coral sand, and its beaches are the loveliest in the Caribbean. And they’re so deserted. Chances are you won’t see another set of footsteps in the sand. You will surely enjoy the solitude of the place. But, there is always a shady part at a beach where you can sit and sip a refreshing drink. You may want to watch the beautiful sunset that breaks the surrounding of Jost Von Dyke. It will surely make a magnificent view!

Anegada is the only coral island in the volcanic British Virgin Islands chain. The Spanish named it Anegada , which means the ” Drowned Land”. The island is surrounded by Horseshoe Reef which is one of the worlds longest at 18 miles.
The secluded-powdery-white-sand beaches are protected by the sheltering reef and the points that sweep out the shore such as Nutmeg Point, Setting Point, and Pomato Point. The popular beaches in Anegada are: Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty, Bones Bight, and Windlass Bight.

The activities of this island include: sport fishing, bonefishing, nature watching, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and visiting a museum, relaxing on amazing beaches and many more.

The British Virgin Islands offer unmistakable tourist destinations of great beauty of the islands. The things you love doing like visiting entertainment centers, beautiful architectural places, and vibrant natural parks like the J. R. O’Neal Botanical Gardens, the Queen Elizabeth Park, and the Sage Mountain National Park. There are bars, discos, and night clubs are for nightlife goers.

Summary: The British Virgin Islands are a variety of beautiful places and beaches each unique from the others.



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Enjoy A Caribbean Vacation…Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun… Enjoy A Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean consists of a large number of beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean is proving to be one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. With clear blue skies, crystal clear waters, heavenly sea food and superb hospitality presented by the hosts, your Caribbean vacation is something that you will cherish all your life.

Some of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean are Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and St. Nevis and Antigua. All these islands have great treats for tourists in the form of reasonably rated hotels and excellent sites to offer. In the following paragraphs we will give you a gist of the islands mentioned above so that you can plan your vacation accordingly.


Barbados proves to be a great getaway for the tourists with its clean and pink sandy beaches. The island has a rich cultural heritage and a wide choice of sight seeing options to choose from. Cricket is the most sought after sport here. The southern coast of the island has a couple of night spots and reasonably priced hotels. The east coast is distinguished with quiet beaches and the ocean is comparatively calmer than on the west coast of the island.

Trinidad and Tobago

island, vacations, caribbean
EliasSch (CC0), Pixabay

Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. They lie just a few miles from the Venezuelan coast. The population of the islands is diverse and come from different countries like India, Europe and Pakistan. The people like to play calypso music, enjoy eating and they are usually warm towards their guests. Trinidad is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. Tobago is also very peaceful and beautiful and has a wide number of forests and sandy white beaches. The visitors can enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking and bird watching.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands consist of the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. The Islands have a large number of shops and the pure waters are a treat for the tourists who enjoy activities like swimming and snorkeling. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants to choose from.

St. Kitts and Nevis

The St. Kitts and Nevis Islands are in the northern part of the Eastern Caribbean. St. Kitts is 68 square miles while Nevis covers a distance of 36 square miles. St. Kitts offers a combination of volcanic mountains, beautiful white sand beaches and green rain forests. The capital of St. Kitts is Basseterre. Basseterre has a lot of rich historical architecture and has a good amount of shops and cafes. Nevis is popular for its natural beauty, various plantations and amazing beaches. Charlestown is the capital of Nevis. It is an old Caribbean town has a variety of dining and shopping options to choose from.

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Antigua is a British Island. It was formerly a British colony and it has still retained its British tradition. Antiguan people play a lot of cricket. Tourism ahs expanded ten fold in recent years and Antigua is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean. Antigua is preferred by tourists from all over the world. The island has 365 of the most beautiful beaches and supports activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving. Yachting is also a very sought after activity in the sea.

In addition to the islands mentioned above, the Caribbean offers a lot more exciting islands for you to visit. You can visit the Caribbean islands websites to learn more about the islands and also explore lodging and dining options.


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Welcome To The Best Snorkling In The British Virgin Islands

Welcome to the Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Summary: Caribbean contains some of the best spots for snorkeling in the whole world, particularly in the British Virgin Islands

When you say Caribbean, you say snorkeling. Caribbean contains some of the best spots for snorkeling in the whole world. Particularly the Virgin Islands which boasts some of the most impressive wrecks, lagoons and reefs in the entire ocean.

The British Virgin Islands was full of activity since the age of pirates and seafarers. Not only men and ships frequented the area, a whole host of sea life also found the waters of this haven accommodating. Warn and clear a throughout the year, with enough sun to feed any every aquatic vegetation to culmination, this is the perfect underwater habitat. And any perfect underwater habitat makes a perfect snorkeling spot.

The islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas are among the best snorkeling in the Caribbean because of the historic shipwrecks and corals that dot along its shores.

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Cane Bay
The Cane Bay wall in St. Croix is a deep underwater cliff that drops dramatically off into a foreboding depth. On a good day, you can swim out about 450 feet to see its ledge teeming with the most colorful underwater flora and fauna.

Buck Island
This island is considered an offshoot to its larger neighbor the St. Croix Island. Buck Island and the surrounding shore is considered a national monument with its waters home to a recorded 250 diverse marine species. Sponges, corals, crustaceans and a host of multicolored fishes greet every snorkeler.

Leinster Bay
Leinster Bay is very accessible since it directly leads to the northern shore of St. John. This calm and often uncrowded area is carpeted with sea life. For those with families or large group, Leinster Bay is the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.

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Haulover Bay
While Leinster Bay caters snorkelers with a bustling marine ecosystem, Haulover Bay treats its guest with awesome underwater terrain, often deserted. The best part of this area is gazing at the beauty of stationary elements, as if this silent place was formed by some underwater artist. Ledges, walls, rocks, nooks and sand complement each other to form a peaceful sight.

Trunk Bay
Trunk Bay has a self guided 675 foot long snorkeling trail. With large underwater signs to identify coral species and aquatic life, Trunk Bay is the best snorkeling in the Caribbean for starter swimmers.

Coki Point Beach
Another standard snorkeling spot, Coki Point Beach is also among the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Located on the north shore of St. Thomas, it entices snorkelers with its fantastically formed coral ledges near the Coral World’s underwater tower.

Buck Island

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Finding The Perfect Caribbean Spot To Enjoy

Making the Choice – Finding Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation Spot

Close your eyes and imagine a Caribbean vacation. Done? The images you called to mind probably contained pristine white beaches, aquamarine waters, and plenty of palm trees. Fortunately, the Caribbean is full of enough beautiful beaches to satisfy every traveler, but there’s much more to the islands than just beaches, something vacationers who would like their trip to be more than just a day at the beach can enjoy.
While some islands are, indeed, known for their beaches, others, like Saba, hardly have any. There’s a whole world of activities in the Caribbean, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Learning a bit about some of the islands can help you get a feel for the many differences you’ll find.
Basic Island Differences
Weather, surprisingly, can be different from island to island, as mountains, the trade winds, and even their geographic location can cause some subtle and not-so-subtle changes. Islands such as Aruba are seemingly an anomaly – cacti and aloe grow more readily than fragrant hibiscus in its desert climate. Meanwhile islands like Puerto Rico can offer mountain hikes to adventure seekers, as well as a cooler temperatures high in its ranges.
Another important difference between the islands can be cultural. If you’re looking for a taste of Paris alongside a bit of tropical sunshine, turn to Martinique and the other French West Indies. However, travelers can also enjoy islands where Dutch colonial style still reigns in the Netherlands Antilles, or take tea in the British West Indies. Some islands have been territories of many nations throughout their history, and the mix can be delightful.
Activities, though, can make or break a vacation. There are plenty of natural sights to see, both above and below the waves; mountainous peaks rise high into the sky, and historic buildings attract many visitors. Cultural festivals like the famous Carnival are also popular draws to these islands. However, when you’re looking for activities, it’s important to make the right choices.

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Jamaica attracts many visitors each year to its popular resort towns and beaches. Whether you’re heading to Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, or somewhere else entirely, Jamaica has plenty of culture to offer. Golf on the grounds of a former plantation, or explore its famous Blue Mountains, there’s plenty to see and do on land. And, of course, who can forget the food and crafts? Still, avid snorkelers and divers may leave this island feeling a little disappointed.
Cancún is the ubiquitous spring break vacation spot for most college students, but what many people don’t know is that the surrounding areas have plenty to offer as well. Cancún may have gorgeous beaches and plenty of nightlife, but Cozumel offers incredible underwater sights to dazzle intrepid divers. The area known as the Mayan Riviera includes secluded spots like Playa del Carmen, which many families love, while Tulum hosts larger than life Mayan ruins.
A popular spot for cruising as much as any other kind of travel, The Bahamas has plenty of popular ports and beaches, but crowds in the cities can be too much for some travelers. The Out Islands, however, are some of the most popular areas for vacationers looking to escape the crowds. Whether you’re off to see Ernest Hemingway’s Bimini, enjoying the hustle and bustle of popular cities like Freeport, or sailing and fishing between any of the islands, The Bahamas provide a great opportunity for a unique vacation without going far from the Florida coast.
Puerto Rico has plenty of advocates as well, since it offers travelers everything from mountain vistas to a bit of diving and snorkeling. It’s best known for its history – while Old San Juan is popular, visit Ponce on the southern coast for a touch of something a little different – and its rainforest, El Yunque, is the only rainforest in the U.S. National Parks system. Shopping, casinos, and nightlife are all important aspects of San Juan’s popularity and don’t forget to spend a bit of time at one of their beaches as well.

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Island Groups
Get ready to sail when visiting the Virgin Islands. Whether you’re planning to stop in at the U.S. or the British islands, you’ll find crystalline waters and plenty of places to see. St. Thomas offers shopping, St. Croix features historic Dutch buildings, and St. John is home to a wildlife preserve. Snorkelers and divers will find beautiful sights in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands are much more secluded, and welcome vacationers with warm smiles and British hospitality.
Travelers feeling like another taste of something British can stop in at Barbados and have afternoon tea with the Bajan locals. Visitors stopping in on Bermuda can also explore some of the cultural heritage this island retains, and stick around for a game of golf. Despite Bermuda’s distinctly non-Caribbean location, it is still considered to be a popular tropical location, and is often grouped with other Caribbean islands. The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda are also known for beautiful beaches and rich British history, as well as incredible sailing.
Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, known as the ABC Islands, are three of the Netherlands Antilles located just north of Venezuela’s coast. With the added distinction of being outside the Caribbean’s “Hurricane Belt,” this trio of islands offers some unusual desert climates, but fascinating history, and nature unlike what you’ll find in the rest of the Caribbean.

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Other Isles
The Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Saba, Belize, and Dominica are known for their natural beauty. With mountains, rivers, tropical forests, and underwater scenes to explore, these relatively untouched locales provide ecologically-oriented travelers an especially rich and diverse set of Caribbean spots to explore. Each of these has different cultures and draws to the island, whether you’re curious about The Dominican Republic’s popular surfing beaches, or St. Lucia’s famous volcanic peaks, there’s sure to be something that is perfect for island explorers.
While it may be easy to visualize what some would consider to be typically Caribbean, it may take a little more effort to really pick an island that is perfect for your stay. Every traveler has his or her own idea of what makes up a great getaway, and building that trip is easy in the Caribbean. With just a bit of discernment, everyone can be satisfied on their vacation to the Caribbean.


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