Enjoy A Caribbean Vacation…Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun… Enjoy A Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean consists of a large number of beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean is proving to be one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. With clear blue skies, crystal clear waters, heavenly sea food and superb hospitality presented by the hosts, your Caribbean vacation is something that you will cherish all your life.

Some of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean are Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and St. Nevis and Antigua. All these islands have great treats for tourists in the form of reasonably rated hotels and excellent sites to offer. In the following paragraphs we will give you a gist of the islands mentioned above so that you can plan your vacation accordingly.


Barbados proves to be a great getaway for the tourists with its clean and pink sandy beaches. The island has a rich cultural heritage and a wide choice of sight seeing options to choose from. Cricket is the most sought after sport here. The southern coast of the island has a couple of night spots and reasonably priced hotels. The east coast is distinguished with quiet beaches and the ocean is comparatively calmer than on the west coast of the island.

Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. They lie just a few miles from the Venezuelan coast. The population of the islands is diverse and come from different countries like India, Europe and Pakistan. The people like to play calypso music, enjoy eating and they are usually warm towards their guests. Trinidad is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. Tobago is also very peaceful and beautiful and has a wide number of forests and sandy white beaches. The visitors can enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking and bird watching.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands consist of the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. The Islands have a large number of shops and the pure waters are a treat for the tourists who enjoy activities like swimming and snorkeling. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants to choose from.

St. Kitts and Nevis

The St. Kitts and Nevis Islands are in the northern part of the Eastern Caribbean. St. Kitts is 68 square miles while Nevis covers a distance of 36 square miles. St. Kitts offers a combination of volcanic mountains, beautiful white sand beaches and green rain forests. The capital of St. Kitts is Basseterre. Basseterre has a lot of rich historical architecture and has a good amount of shops and cafes. Nevis is popular for its natural beauty, various plantations and amazing beaches. Charlestown is the capital of Nevis. It is an old Caribbean town has a variety of dining and shopping options to choose from.

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Antigua is a British Island. It was formerly a British colony and it has still retained its British tradition. Antiguan people play a lot of cricket. Tourism ahs expanded ten fold in recent years and Antigua is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean. Antigua is preferred by tourists from all over the world. The island has 365 of the most beautiful beaches and supports activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving. Yachting is also a very sought after activity in the sea.

In addition to the islands mentioned above, the Caribbean offers a lot more exciting islands for you to visit. You can visit the Caribbean islands websites to learn more about the islands and also explore lodging and dining options.


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Antigua Beach


Antigua Beach

One extremely incredible thing about this Caribbean island is that it need not cost excessively from your pocket to enjoy its beautiful blue waters and smooth white sands.  For those that have actually been visited the unique luxurious resorts by real estate developers, You discovered the whole Antigua beach is open to the public.

The best method to explore each and every Antigua beach is to have a companion that will share with your joy as you indulge in the sun. Here is a list of areas that you should visit.

Valley Church Beach lets you Relax in the warm waters of Lignum Vitae Bay as you enjoy at the local natives.  You can move in their own fishing boats to bring home the fresh catch of the sea. This particular Antigua beach is located on the western part of the south go the Jolly Harbour.

* Runaway Beach Home to numerous prominent resorts, this particular Antigua beach is seemingly limitless area of white sands. This is a great location to find a timeless Caribbean holiday.

If you discover it too humid as you have actually been strolling around, swim in  * Pigeon’s Point Beach Simply five minutes drive from the historic English Harbour located on the southeastern part of the county, this specific Antigua beach will undoubtedly become your favorite.

When there is no work or school, this is really the most wonderful local neighborhood where they flock to. It is also known for outstanding water activities such as snorkeling.

* Long Bay Beach The closest to the Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach, this is near Willikies town. This particular Antigua beach has fine white sands and crystal- turquoise waters that is a terrific haven for sunbathing.

* Jolly Beach Providing another long mile of white sands and warm waters, this particular Caribbean beach is situated on the west coast of the Jolly Harbour. A number of dining establishments and stores can be located here so it is not that tranquil as compared to the others.

* Turners Beach Near Johnson’s Point on the southwest area, this specifies Antigua beach is well-known for the trade- winds that dampen your skin. When the days are clear, the Island of Montserrat can be seen. That alone will certainly be a photographer’s delight.

* Jabberwock Beach Including another long stretch of grainy white sands, this specific Antigua beach is an option for local natives and foreign locals alike. This is a good area for browsing as the waves can get to be fierce nevertheless, You can go skimming and have fun.

* Green Island Off the east of the nation, there is that isolated island that offers a wide array of a tropical summertime escapade. This particular Antigua beach is a popular stop for yacht charters and trip expeditions.


Antigua and Barbuda

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The Best Beaches On The Planet


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The Best Beaches on the planet

The timeless dispute that comes up when the family is voting on the next fantastic getaway trip is, “Should we go to the mountains or the beach?” Well if you examine all that America needs to provide, it won’t get a lot easier due to the fact that we have a few of the most interesting mountains and the finest beaches in the entire world right here in the USA.

Maybe world tourists can mention the excellent beaches of France or Europe however you don’t need to fly over the ocean to be on some of the best beaches that can be had this side of paradise. And it stands to factor America would possess some of the most remarkable and demanded beaches worldwide. With an ocean on three sides of the country, the shores of America’s coast are literally thousands of miles long. It isn’t whether America has fantastic beaches but which one to choose that is really a concern. In some cases, we here on the mainland forget that Hawaii is just as much America as Iowa or Massachusetts. Hawaii has something really special to provide and that is the finest beaches in the world for swimming, surfing or simply laying on the sand soaking up the rays.

The only problem with Hawaii’s beaches is that there is a lot to do on the Islands and so much charm everywhere you look that it is tough to take the time to actually take pleasure in those beaches for all their worth. They deserve a big part of your holiday schedule so take benefit of these idyllic beaches which you are enjoying your check out to the islands. Simply a brief hop over the ocean to the mainland and you can be on the beaches of California which rival Hawaii’s and, in truth, any beach in the US or around the world. California has such a long coastline that you can discover almost every kind of beach terrain you can think about traveling up and down California’s coast.

Not just that, the eccentric and colorful California population is constantly a fantastic “people enjoying” experience as you unwind on those beaches, particularly on the popular beaches of Los Angeles like Laguna or Venice Beach. You don’t have actually to be left without beach gain access to if you live on the east coast due to the fact that the coastlines of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and even Maine are just as stunning and picturesque as any the west coast have to use. With its long sandy coastline, it is the delight for numerous a Massachusetts youth looking for a romantic beach or a location to just get in some good ocean fun. We can not end our conversation of excellent American beaches without mentioning the extraordinary chances on both the west and east coasts of Florida.

The perfect pure white sands that is as soft as cotton can be found on the west banks of the peninsula that are so beautiful that they compare to some of the fantastic beaches of Europe. If this summertime slips up on your household and that fight of “mountain or beach” rears it’s head, you understand that you do not have to settle for the mountains if the family has its heart set on some ocean side enjoyable, some swimming, surfing, sailing and all the other excellent enjoyable that can be had at one of America’s great beaches. From the Midwest, you literally have all the beaches we have actually gone over plus hundreds more that we will leave for you to get out there and discover. Get out those swim trunks and dust off that snorkeling mask. America’s leading beaches are requiring you.

Maybe world travelers can speak of the great beaches of France or Europe but you don’t have to fly over the ocean to be on some of the finest beaches that can be had this side of heaven. Simply a brief hop over the ocean to the mainland and you can be on the beaches of California which competing Hawaii’s and, in fact, any beach in the US or around the world. Not only that, the colorful and eccentric California population is always a terrific “individuals seeing” experience as you relax on those beaches, particularly on the well-understood beaches of Los Angeles like Laguna or Venice Beach.

If this summer sneaks up on your household and that battle of “mountain or beach” raises it’s head, you know that you don’t have to settle for the mountains if the household has its heart set on some ocean side enjoyable, some swimming, surfing, sailing and all the other terrific fun that can be had at one of America’s excellent beaches.


American beaches

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